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    Why we overflow milk when we arrive at very first time in the house?

    As there are many superstitions or traditions we followed in our daily life while we are going outside of the house if we see a black cat or a widow or a single brahmin we again come back to the house and sit sometime and then go.As one more tradition is we overflow the milk deliberately when we arrive at the first time in the new house it is there in Hindu religion other than the first time of arriving at the new house if the milk is overflowed then we stench a danger.What is the reason of overflowing a milk from the container when we arrive at the first time in the house?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    At the time of "griha pravesh pooja" the first thing we do in gas stove is to boil the milk and let it spill.
    This is done in such a way that milk is spilled in the east direction.

    According to vaastu shastra east direction is considered auspicious and it brings luck, prosperity, peace and good health.
    So this custom must be done to activate the flow of energy in east direction to bring good luck and prosperity.
    East is also the direction from where sun rises. thus by spilling the boiled milk in east direction we are trying to make an auspicious beginning in our home.

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    When we enter into a new house for the first time it is a tradition to boil milk first and allow it to overflow. This boiling of milk will be done in southeast corner of the house(Agneya Mula).
    Agenya is good for Agni. He is the ruler of Agenya mula. So we will have our kitchen in this corner only. To satisfy the Agni and pray him to see that we will be happy and well with in the new house without any accidents or untoward incident for the family in the house.

    It is the belief of people that if we allow milk to over flow in new house, we will have a very happy and prosperous life.

    always confident

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    But if the same milk is overflowed on other days that will signal as a danger...
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides in milk. She is considered as 'ksheera saraga tanayi' i.e the daughter of the Milky Ocean as it is believed that she evolved from the depths of ocean during 'sagara manthanam'.

    Milk is spilled over purposely in house-warming ceremony i.e 'grihapravesam' as it signifies that the residents (actually owners) live in prosperity as mentioned by Dr.Rao gaaru. But when the same is spilled over on normal days, it is considered as a sign of wasting of wealth. As no one wants to waste their wealth (money), they are very cautious about spilling of milk on normal days. There's nothing danger in it if milk overflows due to forgetfulness or some other reason. Practically, it becomes difficult to clean up the stove and the burners. It gives out a charred smell also which is not pleasant.

    Spilling over of milk on Sundays is allowed. I have mentioned whatever knowledge I have on this and there is no scientific proof of the same. It's just a belief.

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    Milk is the symbol of purity and with total whiteness in it, Milk is the apt contribution of offering to God in any auspicious occasion or festival. So when new house is acquired and Gruhapravesh has to be done, Milk will be boiled and it must spill to the east so that good things would happen in future. By offering milk first in that house, there is strong opinion that only good things happen and joy would prevail. And that milk is offered as prasad to the visitors so that their bad eye or evil eye is also removed by offering them the milk. This is what I have been told by my elders.
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    In a cultured house,normally,it is told that the four should not kept in less quantity, they are rice,milk,water and salt. Moreover in olden days the guests are coming to house suddenly and the hosting people never hesitate or had second thought of hosting the guests, so the above said four should be in the considerable quantity in the houses to feast the hosts without any problem. Based on the above, and since the milk is derived from cow where the cow is considered as holy animal, it is believed that is holy and good when the milk overflow on the first entering.

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