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    Does comparison with others lead us to grow in life?

    During our childhood, we compare ourselves with our brothers and sisters in every aspect. When we grow up, as a student, we compare us with our friends and classmates in different aspects like studies or what we wear or buy or marks or some other things. As we grow older and get into a job we draw comparisons with our co-workers or colleagues in different aspects like salary and promotion etc. And once we are settled independently, we compare us with our neighbors in respect of assets or jewelry etc. Do you think comparison invoke a good competition and help us to grow in life? Interested members are requested to join in with their opinion.
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    I have never considered this, but I guess such comparisons create a healthy competition. They push us to give our best - to outdo someone else. When we see someone else's performance it does motivate us to at least equal it, if not better it.

    The only thing is that comparisons should not become a reason to dislike someone or create jealousy. We should only make these comparisons to set targets for ourselves. So, we can improve upon our performance.

    Watching others do well act as a catalyst in improving ourselves, only if we have a positive frame of mind and no negativity.

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    Comparing with others and trying to improve is a good aspect. But comparing with others and start worrying is not at all worthy.

    There are two aspects in this. Be content by comparing with the people below you or try for new heights by comparing yourself with who are above you.

    Healthy competition is always better for your betterment. But in many of the Organisations the people who are not able to do well will compare themselves with other well doers. The feel jealous and try to spoil his image among others. Even sometimes they try to carry bad words to the superiors about other person. This is very ugly and no one should do it.

    Compare yourself with others and get inspired. Do a better job and go better in life. This should be the attitude.

    always confident

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    Yes, I do believe in it. There are many occasion in my life when I compare other with me and thought if he/she can do it why can't I? This kind of thinking can take you to another level and improve you a lot. Take my situation, I have no hesitation to say that I am only 10th pass person. But, with my never say die attitude and always roaring to go ahead took me such impossible height where now I surprised to see myself. Though, I am not proficient in so many things but that could not take me back or stops me going ahead. And, these all could happen when I see people around me who are successful, I compare myself with them and create my own goal.

    Readers should not think that I am simply praising myself but this is the fact which I feel proud to.

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    Can we decide or draw a line ourselves what to compare and what not to compare and up to what level we can compare and up to what level we can't compare with others
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    I wont subscribe to the need of comparison to others progress would lead to best performance from us. Every one grows in their life by virtue of two things. One with the already existence of affluent life which was heriditory and secondly with the sheer hard work of the concerned person which gave rise to tremendous growth wealth wise. Those who are already settled in life with good money and position do get good ideas and they have the power to effect good money making policies too. And those who are in growing stage of life cannot compete with already well off people because they cannot sustain failures while in progress. More over what I understand that those who have taken enough risk in life while progressing have been benefited immensely than those who wont take risk. So next time believe yourself and put a strong get along attitude with your available knowledge and talent to surge ahead.
    K Mohan
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    It is best question raise by author.
    We are human being if we will not go outside and will stop comparing ourself with other one. we will stop our growth. we must compare our best part with others. It will not only give us chance to do better but will definitely improve our quality.
    There is well said santosham param sukham, It is good verses when we did very hard work and mostly get handful in reward that time we must satisfy ouself and need not to revoke.
    This cases is not apply with every thing , if we stop comparing with other one we ill stop producing the best are we have.
    Human being is the best creation of this beautiful world and they are the only one have vision to do new and new every day and this is possible just due to comparison with other.
    We must compare for good humanity and development always.

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    Definitely every human has the tendency of comparing himself with others. I agree to an extent that comparing ourselves with others will lead us to grow in life but we should compare and work on our weak points. There are few people who will compare and start feeling jealous and such people will not gain anything. By comparing we will have a competitive spirit because of which we try to excel in our work more than the person we campare with and that builds up our success ladder.

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    I agree with Mohan Sir, who said that struggling person and successful person are incomparable. I think comparing ourselves with others is not the correct way of achieving the best, may be you achieve better but not the best. We limit ourselves to other's progress.
    For instance a student gets 95% and another 70%, now another student wants to compete with him. But see, now he will try to find the shortcuts because directly achieving that feat is not possible, he will try to hide his mistakes. But if he will compete with himself, then he will not improve so rapidly as in our eyes but will improve in the right way gradually.
    So we should compare ourselves to ourselves, not to others. Learning from others' mistakes and ideals is a different thing. We will always need to learn from others' mistakes and ideals. But comparison to others makes us follower of a particular person and limits us till his/her progress. We should make our own way as each individual has different potentials.

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