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    Know how the T20 Cricket is more than just a cricket game

    Since the T20 cricket has arrived in the international scene, the face of the cricket has totally changed. Now, it is more than a cricket game. Commentators reaching into the playing field while match is going on and having chat with players on the field. Indeed, it brings more interesting things which attracting its fans. One of the incident happened in yesterday's match between MI and RPS when commentator Kevin Peterson tried to dig on Dhoni. Kevin was talking through microphone to Manoj Tiwary who was fielding in the slip and ask him to pass a message to MS Dhoni. The message was - "Tell Dhoni that I am better golfer than him'. The message was said to Dhoni by Manoj and in response the quick and clever Dhoni said - "But he is still my first test wicket." Hearing his witty reply entire commentators team had big laugh. I am sure those who were watching match too had enjoyed it.

    So, the T20 cricket is not only entertaining with games but also with chit-chat with the player inside the ground.

    What is your take on T20 cricket?
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    Yes. It is true. Now a days it is very entertaining. The channels, the presenters and the commentators are very innovative. The way they are telecasting the match is very good. I always feel it is better to watch match on the TV rather than going to Stadium. The replays they are showing and the contests they are conducting are unique. Cheer girls are also there now. So nobody wants to miss a four or six or wicket.
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