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    I have never travelled in a plane!

    I have never travelled in a plane. Does this surprise you? But that is true! I have never seen an Airpot. I have never seen a plane other than the one's that occassionally fly above my head.

    My sister used to be fascinated with those and she used to rush on the road when she was young. We live in a hilly region. Some parts of these hills are rather dangerous. I had to scold her.

    She never understood me back then. Now, she is in her teens. She understands some of my worries. Someday, we will travel in train and plane. For now, I have to go and finish my work.
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    I have also not traveled in a plane. I have a passport and it has been expired twice without a single traveling in a plane. But I have seen airport many times.
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    That's great. I have never seen a pland other than the one's called helicopter.

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    Mr. John Deo: At least I am not surprised. My first air travel was in 2001, when I was almost 34. On the other hand, my daughter's firt air travel was at an age of 6 months!
    You will be astonished to know that I (talking about only myself) have travelled by air from my own pocket only twice till date. In other cases of my air travel, the cost has been borne by the Government. This means, I have travelled by air on official duties except on two occasions when I had to go to Kolkata on emergency.

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    I have traveled many times on planes. I used to travel by flights for official work as well as personal work. First time I traveled to Hyderabad from Mumbai. I attended an interview in L&T. They paid me to & fro flight charges. But I couldn't get that job.

    I traveled with in India and outside India also. I traveled alone,with colleagues and with family members also.

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    This may be a surprise for those who are well off and have not seen the life of people dwelling in remote hills where even for coming to nearest railway station one has to travel by bus or taxi for 6-7 hours. There is a significant population of people staying in such places and many of them never come down to plains as their life is limited to that area only.

    Some people come out of the place when they get a job outside and then only they start acquaintance with train or plane.

    There was a time when plane travel was considered a privilege of rich and elite class. Today with more number of airlines and dynamic fare system even middle class are managing a minimum fare flight say once in 1-2 years.

    So once you or your daughter gets an opportunity to come to the plains down to pursue a job and career then soon an opportunity to travel by plane
    will also be available as an option.

    Anyway the depiction of people dwelling in remote hills has been nicely brought out in your thread and I was moved with the narration as I also spent my childhood years in similar locale.

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    I am not at all surprised. My first travel by air was when I was almost forty.

    That was when the private airline Jet Airways started operating from an airport near to my native place.(There was only Indian Airlines till then).
    Those were the times when average people had to undertake their first air travel only on emergencies. I wanted to avoid that situation and wanted to make my first air travel on a happy mood.

    So I went to the local Jet Airways office and booked tickets. The cheap ticket service was not available then. It was fully paid service. I paid the money from my own savings, and booked tickets for self, wife and our three year old son. I told them that I need their help and assistance as it was my first journey by aeroplane. So their airport manager received us at the airport entrance, and was with us guiding and assisting us till the security checking gate. Then he explained further steps and told us how to get assistance if we needed.

    We could walk straight to the plane which was parked just a few meters away from the gate. Inside the plane, our little son was attended and cared first- by giving toffees, small pillow, toys and picture book. Food was also served to him first. So he was thrilled and enjoyed the journey well. We also enjoyed it with a natural thrill and knowing many things first-hand.

    Though since then I had travelled by air many times and by different airlines, the first journey was the most enjoyable. I had not yet travelled overseas.

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    There are many people who have never travelled in a plane. My dad travelled in a plane when he was 58 and mom when she was 55. I travelled for the first time after my wedding. There areany people in their 70's or 80's who have never travelled in a plane or seen a airport. That's not at all surprising and shocking because everyone will have their first time experience but some will have it early while others will have it later.

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    It is amazing how everyone recalls their first flight. I do not remember when I took my first flight or where we flew to. All I can recall is that it was much before the low-cost flights began operation and Indian Airlines was the only carrier. I remember going to Palam Airport in a black and yellow taxi. I was quite excited. I remember the aircraft being much bigger than the ones that operate these days. It was a domestic flight and there was a centre aisle on the plane – so there were three rows of seats. There was food served onboard and air hostesses came around with trays piled with sweets and toffees, I remember grabbing a handful. We were also given wet-wipes. The air hostesses were impeccably dressed in brightly coloured saris and they were all so beautiful and kept smiling throughout. The seat was comfortable, there was so much leg room, unlike the cramped flights these days. Now I will have to rack my brains to recall where we went.
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    For me, this is not surprising at all. Now I am 24 years old and i had never been traveled by Plane. Even i traveled by train before an year only. Author told us that he is living in a hill area which don't have any airport nearby. But you will find it ridiculous that i am living in Delhi for last 5 years but i also never been to the airport. Everyone have a dream to fly atleast once in life, but if it is possible why should we feel bad.

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    Not many of us were destined to travel in plane as it is always costly and one has to plan well for a short visit to any place on urgent matter. I was forced to travel in plane in 2012 when my mother expired and I had to rush from Chennai to Hyderabad. Though it was a first flight in my life, I could not enjoy as I was in full grief. What I liked is the speed and timing of the flight. It took off and I could see some mountains and ocean and then I could see plain lands and soon the hostess announced that Hyderabad is nearing and within 5 minutes I am at Shamshabad Airport. But the journey from airport to my home was two hours and plane journey was just 45 minutes.
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    Mr. John Deo: Have faith on the Almighty and strive hard. You will definitely be able to have the experience of air travel along with you sister, whom you love so much.
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    I don't think it is a big deal if you have not travel by air. Once you start earning and get opportunity, you will definitely do in one day. Just look for the people who have not seen train in their life because they did not get such situations. Anyone can travel by air, it is just that the situation demand it.

    There may be people who are frequently flyer and there may be people who might not travel in train. it is all depend on time and situation nothing else.

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    Along with this, I have never been to cities and towns in Nagaland apart from my own hometown. Even Dimapur, Kohima and Mokokchung are out of touch.

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    John, I don't understand why you are assigning so much of importance to these materialistic things. There are so many people in India who might not have even traveled by a car. Why do we travel and what mode of transport we engage depends on so many factors . I don't think anyone would go by a car or a train or an aeroplane to a place which does not require that much of traveling effort or time just because he can afford it. We generally take a mode of transport that is easily available, convenient and is affordable to us according to our requirement. I have flown in planes and helicopters also but that was mostly as part of my job.

    If you ask about my first flight, I don't remember exactly because that took place when I was around five years of age and the journey was from Guwahati to Kolkata (then Calcutta). Please do not feel disappointed about these things. Enjoy your life and try to improve the quality; you can do it.

    John, I am not able to understand how remote the place you are in in Nagaland that you say that you are even cut off from Kohima and Mukokchung- I can only say that you are not ready to move out of your comfort zone. Common, be brave and instead of taking everything in the negative sense, believe in God, you family members and friends and always approach life with a positive attitude. It will help you. Let that change be your first flight and the one to success!

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