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    Do you decide to watch movies after reading reviews?

    Some people go to see movies just like that. Every new movie is fun for them.
    At the same time there are people who read the reviews of a particular movie either in the magazines or internet and only then take a decision to go to see it.
    What is your view point on this?
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    Yes certainly I go to watch a movie after reviews of the people. I search reviews of movies on internet, magazines, newspaper etc. It is better to see movies after review so that you can not waste your time and money.
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    Generally I go for a movie with my family comprising of my wife, two sons and two daughters in law. So they decide the movie, They ask me only which time is convenient for me and as per that they book on line tickets, we all go in our vehicle, watch movie and come back. There are also very choosy about movies. Basing on the rating on the reviews and opinion of their colleagues, they select the movie. Last week we watched a Telugu movie called GURU. Venkatesh is in the lead role. We enjoyed the movie.
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    I decide to go for movies based on the user reviews. If more user reviews are on the positive side only then I will go to watch a movie. Reading reviews is really good because some movies are very boring and watching them will be a waste of money. With reviews we can get to know what are good movies and what movies are not worth. Though every users thoughts and taste differ, judging based on the majority of good and bad we can decide whether or not to watch the movie.

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    Yes, Generally we go for a movie after getting reviews about it. If we (Siblings) wants to go for a movie with parents then we have to be sure that movie is getting good reviews. Because parents feel it is just a waste of their money if movie have no moral at the end. But sometimes friends with same age want to have fun only then we go for a movie without asking anything about it.

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    What I feel that movies are watched not because of strong stuff or the reviews but for the close liking of hero or heroine for that matter. Some people are mad on some personalities and they wont leave the movies and watch it any how on first day itself. For this kind of people review matters nothing. But generally when a movie gets good reviews in the press and electronic media the exposure gets wider and new cine goers will also join in that rush. But regular film buffs wont miss the actions of their favorite hero or heroine and sometimes even for a catchy number which was a audio hit.
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    I am very selective in watching a movie. Not every kind of movie attract me. I like mostly those movie which are serious in nature with action, not like bloody movie but with some natural subject on it. Yes, I do review movie if I like to watch it. Mostly I check what the story is, if that is with my taste, I watched it no matter who are the actor or actress.

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    Yes, I do. Each and everyone having their own perspective and thoughts. For sure, I'll go to a movie even after reading any negative or positive reviews.

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    I don't go to watch a movie when it has good reviews but if I like a title then Prefer to go and watch a movie.
    If a movie is a horror movie in hindi or telugu then a I go for it.It is so much interesting to watch a Horror movie.

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    No, I don't go to watch a movie after reading its review. My way of selecting movie is a little different one. Once I start watching the teasers I start getting good or bad feel about the movie. Although I am not a movie freak but I don't mind watching movies that appeal to me. Even good music can be a reason at times for watching or may be at times just the star cast. Whatever be the reason when I decide to watch a movie i enjoy it thoroughly.
    Movies with a message may not be appealing but I make it a point to watch it and encourage others to watch it too.

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