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    Drinking water problem faced by innocent villagers of kemar ghati in the name of paid service.

    Uttrakhand is full of its natural resources like, water ,green forest belts and other medicinal plants.
    Whenever there is change in climate. Uttrakhand villagers always deprived of fresh drinking water due to the negligence of Uttrakhand Jal Sansthan.
    This is one of the worse department working here in the service of uttrakhand.
    Villagers are forced to drink contaminated water after paying hefty charges in the name of services
    Kemar patti one of the furtile landmark of Tehri Garhwal district facing the same problem.
    Here villagers are forced consume muddy water supplied which is supply from nearby river Balganga.
    This whole corrupt department making full use of innocent villagers
    Miilions have been spent on swajjal project but there are still many village those are still away from tge access of drinking water.
    Village like Beleshwar.siliyara, shrikot, kemra ,Sendul and so many other place are sufferrer of same.
    Many NGO are working for water project but they are working in just paper only and taking away large sums into their pocket.
    Uttrakhand Jal Sansthan is one of the bad name of govt body taking big amount in the name of water service but providing unhygenic water to innocent villagers.
    BJP newly elected members are also not intrested in this regard.
    Reason may be very clear their near dear are involve in this or that way with Goverbment organisation
    They are reaping big from them so why will take this seriously.
    We are ashamed of political parties and leader who uses our innocent people but never work for their well being
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    Devbhhoomi Uttrakhand has become boon for government bodies agents.
    They bringing bad name for this heavenly like place.
    Innocent peoples are facing this bad name tag, who are not aware why they being blamed so.

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    Once again the author has brought in the pertinent drinking water problem being faced in Kemar Ghati area of Uttarakhand state. Being the hilly area and always vulnerable to the nature fury, the government may be unable to take strong and permanent solution to the drinking water problem. I think instead of giving the responsibility of drinking water to government, the army must step in as they are well versed to serve clean drinking water with purification process as done in Hyderabad too. Providing drinking water to the remote villages is the responsibility of local government but if they fail to provide due to natural calamities, the NDRF teams can be mobilized to create clean water plant in every village and regulated the supply by Military so that no corruption or favoritism in distribution of water can be chanced.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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