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    Payments hasn't been recieved yet?

    Dear Editors,
    I have uploaded the invoice but till now I haven't recieved payments in my bank account.

    I confused, how to and when will I recieve my payments? Is there any issue? Can anyone clarify why and when will I recieve my monies.
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    Mr. John have you received your first payment? Have you downloaded and upload invoice template according to payment policy. Please read payment policy here .
    Please do needful to get your payment.

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    I have downloaded, fill up all the required of my credentials along with bank no, phone no, pin, invoice, and address and uploaded the invoice. But not recieved the monies.
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    John just visited your profile and found that you have joined on 6th Dec 2013 and nearly 40 months have passed and this is your first earning of 400 through this site. Being account in dormant position the webmaster has to activate it and you would certainly receive the payment soon.
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    This is the first time I am being made aware of something called a 'dormant' account on ISC. What is your source of information? A dormant account should be blocked and inaccessible. John Deo is able to access his account. He has been submitting content on ISC regularly. He has also stated that he has received a payment and has raised an invoice. The webmaster has published a payment on his name. With all this happening how is it possible for his account to be in dormant position? Please do not provide the wrong information and mislead members. I have never heard of accounts going dormant and the webmaster having to reactivate such accounts.

    John Deo,

    Banks do not send alerts for small sums. Have you checked your account for credits?

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    John, it might take another day or two for your payment to be released but it will be done. Most of the time an alert is sent to the members but please do keep in touch with your bankers, as suggested by Juana, for updates.
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