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    Why donating food is the best among all donations

    Now a days in many of the temples, free meals are being served to pilgrims. All devastanams started collecting donation for this noble cause. In Tirumala more than 50,000 free meals are served every day. Many people donating for this huge amounts. In Andhra they say offering food is the best help one can do to the needy. Why it is considered to be the best. May be the food is required for any body for survival. If money is given they may waste that money without eating. So food donation is encouraged. View of learned people is solicited.
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    Yes Mr. Dr. N.V. Shrinivasa Rao, you are right. Food and blood donation are the best of all the donations. Both are necessary for the survival of life. Food donation is considered the best. According to religious point of view food donation is considered the best donation. It not only prevent lives of many people but also prevent social evils. Hunger is the root of most of the crime. So if you are providing food to any person, you are doing a great work for the society.
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    Why the food donation is best among all the donations because one will always get satisfied with the food offered as he was hungry and he shall say good wishes after having eaten full. When you give money or some thing as donation, there is always a chance of asking for more or may even come in other guise to claim the amount. But those who have taken food as the donation shall definitely bless the person who gave the food. Because no one can tolerate hunger. The way ISKCON temple trust is serving food in Hyderabad need to be complemented. They are giving quality food for just 5 rupees along with the cooperation of GHMC at various places in the city.
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    When one is offered with any thing other than food there are many chances of saying 'it is not enough' but one can say 'enough' when he is fed well. Even from Mahabaratha, we informed that though the Karna did many donations and offers, he was offered in the Yama Land a rebirth to accomplish feeding others as he left the same in his lifetime. Many people are telling visitors to inform in advance as they have to prepare food for them without having the gut of making themselves ready to face such sudden visitors. Feeding others is also not an easy thing as it should be done wholeheartedly. Once the famous Chef Bhat told in a conference that the food making with wholehearted interest is essential for the food preparing person. He told the simple dosa made by mother or wife is tastier than the hotel dosa because they pour the dough on the stone with real interest and involvement where in the hotel the dosa master do not know who is eating the dosa prepared by him as he do his dosa making mechanically. In Tamilnadu the Amma canteens are doing a tremendous job as it is really feeding the real needy persons. Such canteens are becoming a role model to other states now. It is heard that the house of our ex chief Minister MG Ramachandran never allowed the visitors without eating when they visiting his house even without prior appointment. In Karnataka, Andhra and now in Tamilnadu many temple authorities offering food to the visitors. It is really good and very satisfactory and the same can be realized only when we were tasted the same.

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    The Sikh community has been hosting 'langar' or community cooking and serving of food from time immemorable. Food is prepared in large scale and there is a variety of foods served, including dal, vegetables and chapati and 'Karah prasad' a wheat based halwa. The best part about the langar is that the food is prepared by the devotees. People volunteer in the Gurudwara kitchens - they peel, chop and cook veggies, knead dough and make chapatis and also wash the soiled utensils. All this goes on with clockwork precision, and meals are served continuously, without break, day after day.

    Similarly, if you visit Old Delhi you will find many eateries in the bylanes of the old city offering food to the needy. People go there to feed the poor, who would be sitting on the roadside, awaiting their turn for food. I remember my father would often feed the poor there. A plate of dal, sabzi and two chapatis would cost mere Rs.2 if you were feeding the poor.

    Even the Bible says "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in...I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me".

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