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    What will you do if suddenly a tiger appear in front of you

    There was an old joke I read somewhere.

    Q- What will you do if suddenly a tiger appear near you?
    A- What will I do? It is the tiger who will do the rest.

    But, in a serious note, what you will do?

    As for me, It is really dangerous. I will definitely try to save myself or as we say when it comes to our life, even weaker become stronger. So, mostly I will try to do as Mogly has done in his new movie "The Jungle Book", try to trap the tiger.

    How about you? Please provide some interesting answer.
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    Well hearing the name of the tiger itself a tricky situation and how come we face the animal in front of us suddenly. Nevertheless when a question is asked, I should answer with courage. First of all we must understand that animals also have fear factor about human beings and they think that we would attack them. In that process they try to over power us. When the tiger comes in front of me, I shall keep quiet and wont move. That gives it a positive signal and it can rely on me. Even it advances I shall not move and be stand still. Normally animals have the mentality to smell. It may at the most smell me and wont do the the harm as long as I am friendly with that.
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    Are you talking about wild tiger.? If a tiger kept in a zoo appears before me but at the opposite side of the fence, nothing would happen. However, if a wild tiger suddenly appears just before me on a lonely jungle road, then I would be unconscious. But my negligible knowledge about the behaviour of tigers tell me that when a tiger appears before humans, it means that the tiger is curious or the meeting is accidental. When a tiger plans to attack, it never appears before its would-be prey. It attacks from the flank or from behind.
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    It's very difficult even to imagine that situation. But if I had to be in that situation, I would try and escape from the tiger. During such situation, anyone will get strength and courage to save their lives. Instead of panicking and trying to chase the tiger we should be bold and think of smart ways to escape from it. Trying to chase the tiger, screaming etc would make the tiger bounce on us.

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    Tiger or any other animal will attack you if he will hungry or in danger otherwise animal will not attack on you. One more thing at this type of situation you will get internal instinct what to do next.
    I am telling you this since some month ago I faced a bull. The bull was very fast and was not getting path to escape from crowd. I was standing in a corner of a path. Suddenly bull came on me. I remember my religious head and suddenly hold his horn and changed his direction. I don't know from where I got energy at that time. Though I was slightly injured but without going to physician I recovered my injury.
    So I want to say what will we do at that time. We will do according to the situation and internal instinct.

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    It's tough to imagine. We can now describe the best imagination possible as per our knowledge and views towards wild animals. But what we think , not necessarily we will do . Because now we have the time to think and imagine. The major factor which works in these type of cases is: 'Presence of Mind'. And we all know when we fear of something our presence of mind gets down towards its worst state.
    Mohan Sir said that he would be still and be friendly with tiger. This depends on how much our mind work on that particular stage of fear.
    If fear would be at its peak, most of us would run without thinking about the speed of the tiger.

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    Firstly, we can't outrun animals. In movies, the Tiger can climb on the tree. However, in reality, the can't climb for long height trees. In my case, I would run and climb on a tree as much height as possible. That will certainly save my life.
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    What will I do if a tiger suddenly appears before me! Well, a tiger did suddenly appear before me quite recently, while I was on a holiday. The sighting was made at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. It was a rare sighting since it was close to noon, and a time when tigers generally rest and do not venture out.

    The tiger crossed the path of our safari van just a few metres. It was in no rush, it slowly walked across the open area, towards the thicket. It stopped, turned, looked at us, and then disappeared into the undergrowth. It was an exhilarating, once in a lifetime experience. I felt safe because I was in a vehicle. I have visited many tiger and wildlife sanctuaries, but this was the only occasion that I spotted a wild tiger.

    When I was young I saw a wild leopard in my grandfather's farmhouse.

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    It is a very hypothetical thread. If tiger is suddenly appeared before me I will look around and run to near by tree and get on to the top of it.If I am travelling by a car and suddenly tiger comes, I will drove the car fast in another direction. Same is the case if I am on a scooter.

    But I definitely say that no tiger will venture to come to this crowded Hyderabad streets. Very high traffic, so many vehicles, unruly mob and what not, all rule breakers on road. So it will run away from this concrete forest to their safe green forest.

    always confident

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    I really wish that this situation never come to anyone's life where one need to scape from such wild animal. However, thanks to the members who gave their opinion and shared their experiences.

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