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    Do you like to watch movie in your mobile phone?

    Since the smartphones have arrived, a new world stay every time with us as a mobile phone. For working people like us who travel almost 2 hour daily in train, smartphones are really a boon. Now the availability of different apps to share videos or movie one phone to other phone, it become easier to share movie with our friend or co-staff. Since, I get hardly chance to watch movie in theatre, I enjoy movie watching in mobile in mini screen and pass my time during daily journey.

    How about you, do you too watch movie in mobile phone?
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    No. I never like to watch a movie on a smart phone. I always enjoy watching movie in a theater on a big screen, Even I don't like watching a movie on a TV screen also.

    I use my smart phone to play games or hear music. I will use smart phone for watching my mails, social media like face book, twitter etc. Some times I read news paper on my cell screen .

    I will go to a movie at least once in a week, preferably on week end with family and watch. I feel relaxed when I watch a movie on the screen while eating popcorn.

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    Once a friend of mine came from Madurai, transferred two movies from his mobile to mine one by telling that the movies were good to see. I also nodded but though it happened before two months I could not have time to watch the movies from my fone. In the middle I traveled in train from chennai to Bangalore but I could not see the films with fear of getting charge of my mobile get discharged fast. It is better to see any movie, if we interested, only in theatre as we can see with real concentration and without any disturbance.

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    What I strongly feel that movies must be watched in the theater amid public so that every scene, every moment can be enjoyed with hooting and shouting and even whistling. Watching movies on smart phone alone is something many may not like. In bigger screens the movies would look appreciably well and every character would move lively in front of us. Where as in small screen of mobile, we have to strain our eyes as we cannot watch the movie continuously as the rays would affect our eyes. Movies with family and friends can be best enjoyed provided there was no tension of life on that day.
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    True, what enjoyment you will get in watching theatre you may not get in small screen like smartphone. Theatre will have different sound system and bigger scree. But, what I mean to say that sometime small screen also become handy for killing time. Since, I travel 2 hrs. in train so it become handy for me. Nowadays, smartphones comes with very good quality screen and it don't effect much to your eyes.

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    I don't watch movies on my phone as I feel it's always interesting to watch it on big screen. Till now, I have watched only one movie on my phone and that too I took 3 days to completely finished watching the movie. But I listen to lot of songs on my phone to kill time while travelling and also I love to watch video songs on YouTube through my phone. I feel watching movie on my phone is not a best idea to kill time. Also battery gets drained very soon if we watch movies for more than an hour.

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    I watch everything and even read eBooks in my phone. Everything from movies, TV series, cartoon, anime etc..; I watch them all in my phone. Because I need to travel 2 whole hours on my way to college in the bus. I converse with my fellow bus-mates for a while and then resume with my downloads. If you think watching movies will drain your battery down, then you can read books in PDF format.
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    I usually watch movies at my neighbor's house. It's also good to watch movies from mobile. My sister watch nursery rhymes and sing those with their friends. There is no problem watching movies or listening to youtube songs.
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    Yeah, battery is the main problem if we watch movies in mobile. I too take some time two days to finish a movie but it is OK as long as it serve my purpose to pass time.

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    No I do not watch movie on mobile phone. Though screen of my mobile phone is 6 inches but I do not enjoy to watch movie on phone. I watch movie on LED since there is not a single theater at Rampura where I live. If I want to watch a movie in theater or cinema I have to go to Neemuch 60 km away from Rmpura. So every time its not possible for me to go there and watch movie in a cinema.
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    Now a days we have make our life so fast that we dont have spare time watch full movie on Tv.
    i being live in countryside so have no access to Cinema Hall ,
    Due to non availability of Cinema hall I have shrink my demand of watching movies to limited section only.
    In my opinion we resizes our need as per the stock available nearby, intially it is our adjustment but later on it become our habit and we cant refrain from the same.
    Now our mobile is our main friend we use to invest our maximum time with this only.
    We can easily watch any movie as per demand or in part portion, where we dont need to sit for longer duration also.
    We are very prone to the age of mobility so like to watch everything on that mostly.

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    yes if no choice of TV. Watching movie on cellphone is utilization of time when you really don't have TV and have lot of spare time. Like during travel, while waiting in hospitals and in waiting line of passport or any other office.
    Good things about watching in cellphone is it adjust resolution much quickly compare with TV.Your eyes might not able to identify difference but it is good to watch. I mostly use to watch trailers than full movie.

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