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    They don't shout at us because we consume alcohol!

    We often tend to misunderstand people based on our perceptions and understanding of situations in our own way. It is only when are in their shoes do we get to know their pain and importance. Read on and join in with such experiences you might have had.

    Contrary to the belief of most people, we, the labor class people do not drink alcohol. At least, I do not know many who do. At times, builders does get angry and uses very rough language with laborers. I feel terrible inside because I now know that it must have been the language he and others used on my father and it was not because he consumed alcohol.

    I may have had differences with my father on how we should bring up my sister, but I love him a lot. I feel bad that he had to listen to all those abuses and hard words to bring me up and educate me to the extend he did.

    Thank you father!
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    John Deo, I really didn't like the way your few threads have come up with. No doubt, it shows your true emotions and genuine feelings but I would advise you to become little rough in life if you really want to achieve something. So, what if your father is a labour? And so What if you didn't travel by air?

    Be a strong Man! Everyone struggle in their respective live, you too have your difficult phase which will soon turn other way around. After every night there is a day. So, be positive and post thread with being positive.

    No offence I mean to you think that your elder brother has scolded you.

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    Thanks @Jeets. Your comments really encourage me to come up with positive thinking. I may end up if I continue to post irrevelant threads.

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    The labor class is vulnerable at the receiving ends both at the beneficiary and also at the hands of contractor or builder and they do very hard work in the challenging situation of nature, they bound to take the help of alcohol so that for a while they can forget the hard pain of work and get some relaxation. May be for this reason labors are not shouted at. One thing is sure instead of working under any contractor, if a labor chooses term jobs, then he has to complete within stipulated period and in that case he will be squarely blamed and banged by the customer. So labor class should also understand their responsibility towards there job.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    John, your threads are not irrevelant, in fact it shows your honest character. You may wish whatever way you would like to post your thread. I only would like to say, that don't feel down for whatever situation you are in. Showing your poor situation to the world might get you sympathy or few encouraging words but it is you who has to stand up and take challenge. I would love to see you showing your hard character and standing tall in any situation. My best wishes and good luck to you.

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    In our country a part of well to do people will have scant respect for others. They think that they can shout on others. It is a very bad habit and no body should accept this. Even some takes alcohol why an outsider should shout on him as long as he is not creating any problem to others. In the house other members can tell him not drink. That is their personal issue.
    All children should respect their parents as we are here because of them. So some body scolding him we should not accept.

    Mr.John, Don't become too emotional.You yourself never heard some body scolding your father. So don't think and get emotional in that direction. Everybody will definitely have a day for him. Be strong and do the good work. You can fight anybody if somebody is hurting you unnecessarily. My best wishes to you and I pray God for you.

    always confident

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