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    Does poor knowledge of English create embarassment ?

    English has become a global language. If you know English you can manage in any part of the world.

    In our country also English is very common in colleges, offices, institutions and organisations. It has become necessary for people to learn English if they want to be successful in their career.

    In such situation there are some people who are not well conversant in this language and they feel very inconvenient and sometimes embarrassed in an English atmosphere.

    What is your opinion on this ?
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    There is nothing to be embarrassed if one is weak in English. He should be confident and communicate in English with his friends, only then he will be able to improve the language. If at all a person is embarrassed because of his poor language, then he might start feeling insecure and might avoid communicating and that should never happen. Only with mistakes we can learn things and everyone will make mistakes while talking in English. So nobody should feel shy or insecured or embarrassed to communicate in English. We will learn our mistakes abd correct them only when we talk.

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    Yes some time poor knowledge of English is a great embarrassment and one has to go through that ordeal. The other day there was a parent teacher meeting in my wife's school. Most of the parents are not that educated and feel comfortable in conversing in local language or Hindi. But the school management insists that every parent must write their comments or suggestion against the teacher or management of school for further improvements. But astonishingly most of the parents shy away from writing but they do talk some words in English to the understandable level. Now this is the tricky situation. School wants remarks be maintained and written by the parents and the parents does not know how to write. In that case my wife used to send them the Principal room and let them decide what to do. So this is really embarrassment for those parents.
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    Yes, I do agree that poor wrting skill of English and absence of fluency in speaking English are major causes of embarrassment. I, as a student of a Bengali medium school, suffer from both. However, Ms. Sushma has rightly pointed out that more and more practice is necessary to hone our writing skill and fluency.
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    Yes I agree that poor English is a cause of embarrassment. But as Sushma said we can overcome by practice. It is not difficult to overcome this problem. You need to listen and read English newspaper, books, magazine to improve your English. A person should also listen English programme, or speeches to improve his English.
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    The next question which autometically comes to my mind is how can I improve my English, both oral and written. If I can improve my English, then I don't have to be embarrassed in front of others.
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    As mentioned in the post English is a global language. Like any other language English also can be learned by reading the language. If any unknown word is there we have to refer the dictionary and understand the meaning and practice that word. This will definitely improve your language skills. We should practice speaking in English with others. Many will not do this thinking that others may laugh at you. We should not hesitate to talk. If any word we don't in English that word we can use from our local language. After that refer the dictionary and get the equivalent word. This will improve your skills. If you feel shy and if you are not speaking you will be at a loss. Please don't do that..

    I don't know, Mr.Mohan; why that school is insisting to write in English. They can allow them to use local language or in Hindi. It is only a feed back, not an exam for parents. For the sake of writing feed back those people can't learn English now. The school should change their policy.

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    I recall my working experience when I was not able to speak fluently in English (Even now I am not proficient), I used to get shy initially. Then my boss who motivated me saying "you are just not alone who doesn't know English, in fact no one is perfect everyone speaks sometime wrong. So don't get shy, speak as much as possible unless you speak wrong, you can't become success." These words really motivated me a lot and still I remember his words. Since then, I never felt shy, even now when I speak with people, I don't care if I am talking wrong English. My first intention is that the person who is talking to me should understand what I am saying, if this is done, my work is done. We have created a big hype for English language in our mind, as if if we can't speak English we are a failed person. As long as this thinking stay in our mind one can never overcome of embarrassment situation. Why should we feel embarrassment for a foreign language? In fact we should think this way that whatever possible, we are trying to learn this language other than our own.

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