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    Travelling and meeting new people makes us broad minded

    Travelling to different places and meeting different people exposes us to different cultures, traditions, way of life and languages. Such exposure helps in expanding our horizon and enable us to look at things from different perspectives instead of being within a limited space. What do you think about this almost accepted fact? Or do you feel that one need to be amenable to changes to accept the differences?

    When we travel to different places and meet new people we will learn so many things. Everyone will have their own style of living and their way of thinking will be different. When we talk to different people we see many different approaches of handling various things and leading a life. Sometimes a person will think in only one direction, especially if one has not traveled anywhere and has always remained in his town by communicating with limited set of people, he will be in his own world assuming he is right in all that he thinks and does. He may develop a narrow mind by thinking in only one direction. But a person who explores places and people will see the world and how things have changed in today's world and will start thinking broadly and understanding things sensibly.
    Do you think travelling and meeting new people makes a person broad minded?
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    Yes I am fully agreeing with you cent percent that one who has not traveled across the country and does not interact with people of other states and other region, he has learned nothing in his life. When you leave out of your own city ie concrete jungle and when the sub urban and villages starts, you feel like you have come out for freedom. On the way you can interact with the villagers and passerby as to what the life meant to them. When ever I am going out of station, I always meet the old generation people of the village or town and sought to know why they are staying here and what was there interest. Most of the time I got reply that they are doing agriculture cultivation and that keeps them busy. They wont go to gym, nor see television. They leave early in the morning, walk much distance, no vehicles and above work hard in the hot sun. Thus keeps them hale and healthy as they are connected to nature. So we can learn from them.
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    Travelling is good for improving our knowledge. It will be very useful for us to know about culture,life style, eating habits and social behavior of people from various parts of the globe.
    In good olden days there are no facilities for travel. Many used to go by walk, horse carts or bullock carts. There are no good communication facilities also. So knowledge about other areas is very less. Now present day there are many ways to travels. There are many gadgets for transfer of information and communication.Even by watching various channels of TV we will get to know all happenings around the earth. People who won't travel will become like a frog in the well. A frog in a well thinks that is the whole world, as it can't come out and see what is happening in the world. Travelling and interacting with different people is very important.

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    Sure!Many of us motivated ourselves with our own thoughts and got furious when there is any objection or contrary to our thoughts and we started to expect others to just oblige or obey. But when we see others or talking with them at least generally only we can realize about the other side of one thing and till that we forget that a coin has two sides normally. By meeting them or seeing different people only we can practiced ourselves to hear others at least. Once we started hearing, we will have practice of think at least once before action.

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    It is obvious, the more you meet different people, the more you grow better in life. I have travelled a lot and got chances to live in four major metro cities in India. Different culture, different language and different life style sometimes teaches you so much. In four metro cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai, I loved more to Chennai compare to any other metro city. The simple life style is what has caught my mind and heart. I lived 6 long years and Chennai and my work related mostly in south so I enjoy communicating with them. But, I always enjoy talking with different cultured people, tried to adjust myself with that culture where ever I lived. I never thought differently or have any different feeling while meeting them. Yes, sometime language become a hurdle but this what the thrilling in life you experience.

    As per my personal feeling, one must try to adjust with the culture where he/she lived apart from their own culture. It really help you to gain respect from other people. Showing off differently and trying to behave better just to show off, should be avoided.

    Bad and good people are everywhere but it is you how you taking them in your life matter the most.

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    Yes, I agree with Sushma that travelling meeting new people makes us broad minded. When we travel and meet new people we communicate with them. We understand each other. Unity in diversity is found in India. There different types of people who follow different religion. they speak different languages. They have different cultures. So when we meet other people we come in contact and understand that person. We learn something different with each and every person in life. It makes us broad minded.
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