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    Do you oblige companies or organizations taking survey with real information ?

    Often we come across survey being undertaken online or when some companies or organization visiting our house with a survey sheet seeking some personal information and even make us compulsory to reveal everything. When the government moots such survey then we are bound to make all revelations. But some companies are also trying to have some information from us which is wrong and they cannot do that. Have you come across such surveys where in you are asked to reveal personal information and did you oblige them ?
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    Yes,every day companies are asking personal information.But providing personal information is n't good.Some companies fixes data collections ,they give target to achieve.Their staffs come to collect information.Sometimes companies ask about their visit and they want to know about their staffs work.
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    Why should we reveal our personal information to unknown parties in the guise of survey. Survey can be on a product or an issue. Here what personal information they require? They may ask us but we can definitely say NO if we are not interested. Even in online surveys also there will be a choice "don't like to reveal". Certain things we can't reveal and we should not reveal. Some people ask me to give my mobile number during the surveys. I told l them why you require and not given. So it is our decision to give or not to give. They may ask so many questions we need not answer.
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    No, I don't reveal my personal information. I also don't participate in any non government surveys. If a person authorized by government ask something I answer the questions.
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    No, we do not accept such requests and demands . Except the govt. surveys we do not oblige others.

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