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    What features do you consider while purchase a new mobile phone?

    Different companies launch new phones every month. They provide different features like camera, processor, operating system, RAM, ROM etc. Sometimes company provides metallic body, sometimes great look of phone. So there are different features in a mobile phone which attract us.

    What features do you consider while purchase a new mobile phone? And What is the main feature you consider the most?
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    If I need to buy a mobile phone, the first thing I will look is how much it has internal and RAM memories. If you have less internal memories, it is a high chance that after using few month, your mobile will start hanging. Nowadays, mobile phone comes with internal apps which stay in mobile internal memory. After buying it, it is sure that you are going to install few more apps which may disturb your internal memory. So, while buying phone one must remember that the particular mobile phone should have the facility to save your apps in external memory. Which will keep your mobile internal memory having always empty space.

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    The operating system must be Android Marshmallow 6.0 or iOS 7 and above or higher version. The RAM must be 2GB Minimum and 4GB max not lower than two or higher than four. I don't give a damn for the look and feel design. Also, the phone must support OTG Cable.
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    Well choosing of a new phone with loaded features is the prerogative of any Individual and it may not be same with every one. For me the looks of the phone matters. The more slimmer and the light weight it would be better. Secondly I would like to go for such a phone which ensured more battery life. What is the use of smart phones which does not support with battery life and the phone ensures so many new features. By the way every new feature has been included in every phone and it is the camera quality, the in built memory capacity and the battery life of every phone has to be ensured.
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    For any purchase the first aspect we should decided on the budget. Once the budget is decided we have to see that we get best return of the money what we spent. Coming to a mobile phone, the primary use of phone is communication. So we should look for a good quality voice and speaker. Then the quality of camera is important. The third aspect is battery life. Now a days many smart phone's battery is discharging very fast. We should give importance for that also. Next internal storage of the phone is to be seen. Once these are ensured then comes the elegance and weight into consideration.
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