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    They leave and settle

    They leave and settle in foreign countries.They forget their own country.Most of them criticize their own country.They say ,India is a country of poor.
    They should take part in development of India.They should help their societies.The boys of Gaya Patwa Toli helped their societies and gave so many IITIANS. Every N.R.I should help their Indian Society.It will bring a great change in our country.Have they not duties for motherland?
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    It is easy to point fingers at others and expect things from them. Let's discuss people who stay in the country and the things they do (or don't do) for the betterment of society. Gaya Patwa Toli IIT success in no way speaks for the rest of the country. Their effort though laudable is a minuscule drop in the ocean. It in no way represents the effort of citizens as a whole.

    I do not think, we, as a people, should have to look at NRIs to better our lot. We should take the initiative and do our bit for the society we live in. How many of us actually care about what happens around us? How many bother to change things or give back to society? The fact that we still need to educate people to keep the environment clean is a show of how we, the citizens, regard our motherland.

    I think we should contribute our time, effort, knowledge and money in bringing changes in society and not turn to someone else to do it for us. India is our motherland too and she is our responsibility.

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    Yes. I agree with you. India is spending lot of money for the education of boys and girls.Starting from primary to doctorate level many are getting educated with her money. After that they are flying away and settling there and making good money. They should spend some money for the betterment of their motherland. Recently many started doing this. It should further grow and should bring good change in our country.

    Another angel here is, why they are going? This is because of the wrong policies of the country. A student who got above 90% may not get a seat in a good institute but a person with 50% may get a seat in the name of reservations. The merit student will go abroad and study there and settle there. He may not like coming back and investing here. One of the noble laureates from Tamilnadu told in a conference that Indian scientists go abroad and do well and get awards. But if they stay back in India no chance for awards as there were no facilities to work and no recognition to merit. Unless otherwise this concept is not erased from minds of merit students, they may not feel like helping India. We should see that merit will get its due recognition. Then only all people will take part in development of the country.

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    India is a developing country and because of its huge population there is severe unemployment. Even those who are employed get very less salary as compared to developed countries.

    Under such a scenario some outstanding students get a chance to go out to developed countries and get a job there. As the remunerations are very high they can not think of coming back to India and search a job. They remain there and become NRI for us.

    These NRIs are rich as compared to the average salaried person in India. Some of them are sending money to their parents. Some of them are even donating money to NGOs working in India.

    We can not force these NRIs to mandatory help the people of India but Govt can make special schemes for them so that they can finance those projects and a part of their fortune is invested in India.

    Expecting regular donations from NRI is not ethical but yes if they willingly want to help it is always welcome.

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