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    Come with any interesting coincidence with day(or date).

    Yesterday when I read a critic in social platform, people think really interestingly coinciding the incident with days. When the minister of TN raided by IT department yesterday, he being health minister of TN, people have coincided that incident with World health day.

    That strikes me being a lovable person related to numbers, dates etc., I thought members may come with any interesting coincidence(s) from their life public or personal and may wish to share it here.
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    Some times History tells us great stories which coincides with rare happenings which we cannot even think of happening again. One such is this. Adolf Hitler was born 129 years after Napoleon Bonaparte . He also came to power 129 years after Napoleon invaded Russia. and after Napoleon, he was defeated 129 years there after.
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    Mr Mohan, could you please elaborate?
    Saroja, the best coincidence I can share here is that Emergency was declared in India on 26th of June 1975 and I got married on the same date (different year, of course) ! Do I need to say further?

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    Wow! Saji

    This coincidence you can say in any tone!

    What Mohan says is exactly the years the two things happened has a difference to 129 years between Hitler and Napolean and yes of course, this has come viral some time back. You can check it out too in net.

    Come on members please make this thread interesting with coincidences.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    My brother is born on 7 july 1996 and in the year his birthday date was 7-07-07 which is considered really special date in many religions and it is also birthday of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
    And my cousin's birthday date is 12 january which is celebrated as national youth day (to commemorate Swami Vivekanand on his birthday). So these two special days have real importance in my life with such coincidence and I remember special thing happened on these two days.
    Actually special thing is my all cousin brother are born on special days and dates even my maternal cousin one on the occasion of" janmastmi" and other on "Vaishaki" though these days are not always on the same dates but still these are all special coincidence for me.

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    We perform Sri Rama Navami on Chaitra suddha navanmi. The same is the day my brother in law born.

    My grand father's day of birth is Margasira suddha Sasti. My day of birth is also same.

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    The response of Neelam about Dhoni's birthday, suddenly it strikes me reading somewhere in TN youth as they are fans of Tamil actor Ajith and Sachin Tendulkar always put in their FB on 24th April that it is birth day of Sachin and wedding anniversary of Ajith.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    This reminds me two of my cousin who both are siblings. Name of boy is Mukesh and name of girl is Rashi. Mukesh got married in 2012 and girl's name was also Mukesh. And Rashi got married in Feb,2017 and name of her husband is Mukesh again. We all cousins always laugh at this whenever we remember it.

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