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    Know the gift of God and thank him daily

    Many puranas and ethics told that the God has gifted many things to us but now another news told by our great science.
    We,human, inhales oxygen daily by 3 cylinder level in average. Cost of one cylinder normally is Rs.700. Approximately to the level of Rs.2100 daily worth oxygen is gifted by God freely to us. To a man of average 65 years the cost of his inhaling oxygen is Rs 5 crores. Have we ever told gratitude to the God on any occasion and by keeping on thinking as we are more smart than anything we are hesitating to believe the existence of God.
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    God has given us everything in life. What ever we have today is a gift of God. Everyday when we get up in the morning we should thank God for giving one more day to us. Pray God every day after taking bath for thanks giving. What ever is due to us he will allow us to have that. No doubt in that.

    God has created trees to supply us oxygen. But we are cutting the trees. If we continue that a day will come everybody has to purchase oxygen for living. Already we started purchasing water. So every one should express their gratitude to God and as a token of gratitude we should start planting trees so that next generation will have oxygen free for their living.

    always confident

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    The calculations made by the author was mind boggling and astonishing too as we ought to have spent so many crores in our life to have paid for the oxygen if not available for free. For that matter we have have to thank everything which can be seen in nature. For example without Sun, we cannot think of living as it is necessary to keep balance of living. The trees are required to give shade and also home as nests to birds. We have to thank for water which is the source for drinking and other uses. So God has given all those things to keep us living for some decent years so that we may in return do some favor for those who need help.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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