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    Facts about dinosaur and thoughts about the characters in our scriptures

    Recently scientists discovered the foot print of a dinosaur in the southern parts of Australia, the length of which measured to 1.75 meters, that is to say, the height of an average man. Many of us believe that such animals were found in those days. But why many of us hesitate to believe the demons and gigantic figures of Hanuman etc as told in the Puranas/ scriptures?

    Recently, in Sri Lanka, they found and started worshiping the foot print of Hanuman in Nuwaraa Elia. Though we need not worship Hanuman and others and do not need to believe in our scriptures for want of scientific evidence, should we refrain from mocking or commenting on our Puranas that they lack evidence?
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    Interesting. But every paleontologist will oppose you because humans or mammals (modern ones atleast) haven't made contact with dinosaurs anytime in our history. They were long gone. But I have a cooler story that will puzzle paleontologists and religious people alike. Heard of Peruvian stones? These are also called Inca stones. These stone carvings were made 1000 years ago. What's so special about them? Man coexisting with dinosaurs. Not any ordinary lizard inscription, but correct, accurate upto scale inscriptions. What's more? Heart surgeries, Telescopes, astronomical occurrences..... all of which won't be discovered until 19th century. No one until this day could uncover this mind-boggling mystery.
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    We have been told and shown in the movies that dinosaurs were existed very many long years back not known to the mankind and what ever present findings are making its way as the news has to be agreed and kept informed. In those days there were no library systems or museums so that species of every animal and bird can be kept for the future generation to know and do research. If you ask me the Jadayu character in Ramayana may be one of the species of dinosaur which may fly high and even has the eagle eye. But human being wont agree to my saying and thus this discussions shall go on refuting and agreeing.
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