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    Roughly in how many days perfect swimming can be learned ?

    This is the summer season and many are venturing to country side to have swimming in the village ponds or rivers. In cities like Hyderabad there are many private indoor swimming pools which are charging high rates to teach how to swim and some are taking 30 days as minimum time to teach us perfect swimming in professional way. But some of my friends say that learning swimming is easy and that need not take so many days to be perfect. I call upon the learned swimming known members of this site to throw some views on this.
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    This is a good question. If one is already get used to swimming: especially the people who lives in vallages are avid swimmers. However, if one keep practicing this, gradually you may become a good swimmer. Have faith and nothing will keep you apart.
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    John thanks for your first response. But I want to ask you , how quickly one can learn with great dedication and regularity ?
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    Honestly, I have no output for your question. Since I'm not a good swimmer. Inaddition to good swimming, you need good stamina to hold your breath under water. You can learn swimming in 1 month or two and that's not a big deal. Anyone can learn. Significantly, perfect swimmers are trained by their mentor or coach or avid and experienced person who practice regularly.
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    It depends on two things - the person learning to swim and the coach. I have no memory of how long I took to learn swimming, but I remember my daughter was able to swim around half a length, in the shallow area, within a couple of days. And by that, I mean in less than a week.

    It is the fear of water, or rather drowning that makes it difficult for most beginners to learn the right swimming techniques. Once the fear of water is overcome, learning to swim becomes easy. This is why a good swimming coach first introduces learners to the water (pool). They let them get the fear of water out of their system.

    Many people use swimming aids or floating aids in the pool. I never used one, nor did my daughter. On average a person can learn to swim freestyle within 10-15 days. Bettering the speed, the skill and learning new strokes depends on the interest of the individual.

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    In my opinion a week is enough to learn perfect swimming. Here perfect means you can swim fine. But if you want to be professional swimmer, as you want to participate any national or inter nation swimming competition then you need more time.
    As we know professional swimmer take coaching though they are perfect swimmer.

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    Many people in the villages learn swimming on their own without a coach. Many young boys in villages take their cows and oxen to the village pond to clean them in water. First they will get acquainted with water while taking care of cows and oxen, Then they start floating on the water and start swimming. Many villagers do swimming. Especially in the summer afternoons they go to pond and spend in water through swimming to avoid heat. There is no special swimming suits and all that there.

    It will not take much time to know the basics of swimming. But you want to become a perfect swimmer and go for competitions and all that it will take quite a good time. This depends on how much time you are going to allot for the practice. A week is sufficient to know how to swim.

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    Swimming is very important specially in today scenario when are not ascertain about natural calamity.
    Now a days whether we are living in desert area , plain or mountains everywhere we may face the challenge of non swimming.
    I still remember the days when i was just 4-5 years old and during summer day we used to go to our nearby river for swimming after escaping from the eyes of our parents.
    Some of my friend learn the best but i was in strict family condition so could not go out easily .
    I remain weak in swimming which trouble me a lot when i joined Naval services.
    Swimming must be learn by all wherever they are getting the chance irrespective of mode available nearby.
    This not only keep as healthy but also prepare our self for any kinds of natural calamity arises.
    We can save live of many people around us thus can be their best angel at that time.

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