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    After passing class what you will do with the books of your children ?

    Now a days in each home there may one or at the most two children will be there. Naturally the elder child would be finishing the classes first and we think those books would be useful for the second child too. But to our utter dismay, every year the books of every class changes and we cannot rely on old books so that cost of buying new books can be saved. If the books are not useful to anyone , then what will you do. Do you discard them as the waste paper or binding and keep in as library for future use or reference ?
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    In earlier days, when my daughter was in lower classes, my wife used to give each and every book of my daughter to the Peon of her school, whose son was one year junior to my daughter. I was also very happy. The books were properly utilised. However, my daughter is now XIIth standard. We have kept her old books of XIth standard, which are still used by her for reference purpose.
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    I remember my mom giving my books to poor people who were in need of the books. My mom was a member of mahila samaj and so she knew many people who needed help with books, uniforms, fees etc. So she used to give our books to such children who needed them. Also she would buy notebooks and other stuffs essential for school to few students every year.

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    I remember changing the books of primary education thrice. If in this case, we have no option, but my sister would keep those books for reference purposes.
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    I give books of my children to any other student. It is better to provide you books to other students so that they can use these books and notes for reference purposes.
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    In my school days books were not changed earlier. Only one or two subject books only are changed. My sister is one year senior to me in the school. So my father was purchasing new books to her. After she finishes that class next year I am into that class and I am getting her books. Once I complete the class I was giving those books to the poor students as advised by my parents.

    As far as my two sons are concerned there is a gap of three years, each of them are purchasing new books and giving to others next year free of cost. From intermediate on wards the books are kept in the house for refernec. Now I have a very good collection of books in my library.

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    Earlier we were donating these books to needy or poor class but now due to frequent changes and revisions in the courses it is of no use.

    Some people keep them for reference purposes and they are sometimes very handy because you know what you will get where. The school books are full of information and knowledge. Specially the books on social sciences, geography and general science are very useful and you can immediately consult them in case of some doubt or confusion.

    If space is not a compelling constraint it is a good idea to keep them in your library.

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    i keep the records of books , when i feel bore or unhappy goes through these books to see some kinds of small stories or some kinds of basic English knowledge also basics ideas of mathematical terminology.
    After reading these books i forget my problem and energies with new idea to do something nice in the filed of kids education.
    Due to frequent changes in the course these cant be used by next poor one.
    books are really our best friend whether these belongs to kids section or higher education.

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