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    Why new membes are not getting a validation link from ISC?

    Dear Webmaster and Editors,

    I have been promoting my affiliate links in social networks and blog. Most of the people who joined under me are friends and colleagues.

    Unfortunately, most of the people who has registered with ISC with Gmail ID are not getting any validation link from the site. Not even in Spam folder.

    Please look for this issues and looking forward to hear positive input.
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    John, your point has been referred. Please wait for a response from the WM/ concerned editors.
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    Thanks for the follow up.

    I've around, 20 plus referrals. Only 7 hase validated and the rest enquired me why they aren't getting any validate emails.

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    Yes, there is a problem in getting mail from ISC. As I am also not getting email from ISC when I get an alert or an answer is posted on my ask expert questions. I am getting these mails some days ago. But for last week there is a problem.
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    Hakimuddin, you are talking about something different. You got confused, if I am not wrong. Take care next time. The 'alert' issue which you are referring to is already under consideration by the WMs.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    About a month back one of my relative saw me posting in ISC and was enquiring about it. When I told him the details about ISC he became interested in joining it so I told him how to register in the site. He registered but did not get the verification email in his gmail account.
    Anyway since I did not meet him I forgot this incident.
    Today I saw this post and I thought let me share it.
    Anyway editors and webmaster are looking into the matter and I hope it will be resolved soon.

    Knowledge is power.

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