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    Eye openener for Uttrakhand health department , Know how to play with poor villagers

    Health is wealth , This is the most vital tagline we always heard from everyone mouth.
    Uttrakhand health department is quite far away from this famous wording.
    Student always learn from their teacher where there is good health there is always best wealth.
    Uttrakhand Health department is making ful use of Health related funds just for their own needs only.
    Hundreds of Government Hospital in are waiting since very long in the hope of Specialist doctor.
    Villagers donated their best land for Govt Hospital so that their next generation can be benefited from this services.
    Govt bodies are spending millions on salary , facilities and medicine but still they are unable to make provision of specialist doctor to the needy rural hospitals.
    Inspite of this govt bodies make full use of this propaganda and appointed maximum B.A.M.S and other homeopathic doctor for the cause.
    These are doing nothing but just distributing the Churan kinds medicine to the patients . God knows how patients will be benefited from these kinds of churan.
    Govt is spending heavily on these doctor those who are playing with the health of innocent and poor villagers and where there is MBBS and other specialist doctor they are earning from sending patients to outside medical shop for medicine.
    One Such hospital is situated in the main land of KemarGhati which is established 11 years ago when rural poor farmers came together to donate their one of the most furtile land for Govt Hospital.
    This is 30 bed hospital with 9 specialist but even after the huge gap of 11 years govt never shown any kind of interest to this hospital.
    Today this Govt Hospital is running in the blessing of Dr shyam vijay who has been decorated with ADCMO rank of Tehri, who whenever want can send his loyal one to leave and once they are back from leave they are represented as present.
    Which is visible from staff present register available with hospital.
    The main interesting point is that when these Dr are available in the premises of this Govt they just make it money earning machine,
    Poor and innocent villagers being forced to purchase medicine from outside medical store.
    Those who can buy they used to buy but poorer one deprived of the same as they cant pay the heavy charges for the same.
    Govt bodies always assure the local people for not repeating such incidence but these money minded Dr are so much hungry for money that they never bother of the same.
    They are always involve in making false medical reports for govt servant after getting heavr price for the same.
    people of Garhwal Himalaya has given clear mandate to BJP in this election but govt is busy in turning Devbhoomi to sharaabbhoomi by altering the name of State Highway to District Highway so that they can get big and big.
    Message is very clear we are not won to make your health best but to ruin you everyway
    Those who has donated their furtile land to this hospital demanding the same back if govt is unable to cater their health promises.
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    I appreciate a passionate appeal from the author for having expressed deep concern to have better medical facilities and the need for government hospitals. Now a days the hospitalization cost in private sector is increasing day by day and the poor cannot even think of affording it. So there is heavy demand for establishing good qualified government doctors in government hospitals by suggesting good medication, giving medicines and above all total health benefits. I can understand that those farmers who have donated their fertile land for the hospital purpose must be venting their ire for non action from government side. Surely this issue must be brought to the Notice of PM as the BJP has won the new government there and hope everything would be set right on war footing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is not a problem for Uttrakhand only. Every state is facing this problem. Even though the government is employing qualified doctors they will never come to the hospitals in rural areas. They stay in near by towns and open their clinic there. Like a guest they will go to the Govt. hospital for some time and come back. They get huge salaries. It is good at least BHMS doctors will come to hospital and give some medicines or guide them. I know many hospitals where no doctor is available. One nurse and compounder sitting there in the hospital. No medicines are available. Really the villagers are suffering a lot. This system is to be changed.

    One good thing in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is free medical assistance to poor under Arogyasri. It is being misused by many and private hospitals are making hell lot of money.

    Governments has to think and do something good for the farmers and poor in the villages to over come their health problems.

    always confident

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