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    Do you want to see the entire nation to be with single party rule at Center and State level?

    At present at the central level and at many states
    BJP became very strong. Still its President Amit Shaw trying to win all other States which are in opposition rule. People say various advantages and disadvantages of a single party ruling at the center as well as at the State level. Political pandits say too much power for a single party will lead the ruling party to be undemocratic practices and don't care about the words of a common man and there was no one to oppose undemocratic attitudes of government. Members, do you like a single party to rule at the center and inall states in the country?
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    Yes I am also advocating for single party rule at state and center level so that inclusive development is guaranteed and if the state voters selects the regional party out of their love and affection they are the worst sufferers in long run. And by the way I am also advocating for only two parties at National level which should fight for elections and all small groups should ally with either side of the party. In this regard a word of appreciation has to be mentioned for BJP. Gone are the days when that party used to win one or two seats in entire Nation and Vajpayee was the stalwart. Over the course of time, BJP has grown leaps and bounds much to the surprise of Congress party and the so called National party, Congress has been reduced to non entity. And by the way BJP has broken record of having 12 crore members across the country.
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    In my opinion I don't like a single party to rule the entire nation at the center and State level. Absolute power to a single party will help the ruling government to follow undemocratic practices. Leaders of ruling party use their muscle power and authority on Officers which become a hardship for common man. Strong opposition parties must be there at both Center level and State level governments. Recently we have seen the BJP alien Shiva Sena MP behaved unruly with an Official in Aerodrome and attacked the Minister of ruling party itself. Mr.Modi and his government succumbed to such unruly member and the government ordered the Air Services to withdraw the ban on unruly member. This indicate whether it is BJP or Congress government are following the same unethical and dishonest practices in their governance.

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    No, I don't want to see a single party rule's in center and state level. We can see the effect, as you told BJP is dominating all other parties in present scenario, as BJP is dominating its minister and members attitude is like dictator. They are giving undemocratic statements continuously.
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    Two parties, one ruling party and the other opposition party with sufficient representation in the parliament is a welcome situation. All these days congress was ruling the country and more than 90% of states without a strong opposition. They ruled as they like and done whatever they want. No ethics in the party. Corruption in every part of Government. Indian money was going to foreign banks and all the leaders are enjoying. All leaders who have some ethics left the party. Now congress is a non entity, because of its own acts.

    Now from the last 3 years BJP is ruling the country and trying to extend its wing all over the country. In some ares where there is no strong hold they are making friendship with local parties there. So as the strength increases the people at highest level may not change, but leaders with different attitude are trying to master over the others. Slowly in this party also bad elements will come up and spoil. So there should be a check always in the form of opposition. A strong ruling party with a strong opposition party both at central and state level is very important for a proper functioning of Government. Mix of different parties is also not an advisable phenomenon.

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