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    Can poverty eradication be possible through education ?

    Right from the Independence 69 years ago, the government has been envisaging policies after policies to eradicate poverty among the people but so many years passed the situation of poor remains the same and the wide between and haves and have nots has been increasing. Some says education is the cause for poverty. If full education is given to every citizen of India, can we over come the poverty. Can total eradication of poverty be done with other means. Members may join this discussion.
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    Mr. K Mohar, thanks for generation a nice thread. In my opinion certainly we can eradicate poverty by providing education to every Indian citizen. An educated person can earn his livelihood without any struggle. He can use his education in his farming also.
    There are many reasons of poverty like illiteracy, population explosion, unemployment etc. Sometimes due to governments policy people don't want to work since they are getting free money, 1rs per kg rice etc. So why should they work?
    unemployment, population and many other problem can be solved only by providing education.

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    Education is very important for the prosperity of the individual as well as the country. Indian policies are not giving any fruitful results in this direction. Government is giving so many privileges to down trodden people to get good education and to excel in their life. But unfortunately the benefits are not reaching the really deserving cases. A rickshaw puller's son is pulling a rickshaw only. A collector's son is becoming a collector by the virtue of the reservation policy of the Government. Even today many people are there in villages who don't know that they are eligible for so many benefits. This situation will change only if illiteracy is eradicated. More schools and colleges in rural areas and benefits to the people who are financially backward in the form of scholarships will improve the position. Creating employment opportunities by encouraging companies and Organisation to come up is also very important. Stopping subsidies and free food schemes and providing avenues for earning is to be realized.
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    Education definitely makes us smart but it doesn't meant that only it can eradicate the poverty. In india most of our farmer are illiterate but they earning is in high figure.
    there are many mechanics who never gone to school but are earning handsomely
    education can make us better civilized if we take it in right way but in same time it can turn us into animal for our ever-growing demand arising due to high quality education.
    Education is necessary but it isn't the only tool to eradicate the poverty.
    We have to acquire Education but not just for economical improvement but for the best human being.
    Education can never alone uproot the poverty.

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