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    What would you prefer: mortality or immortality?

    A Russian scientist D. Itskov, the head of the 2045 initiative who runs NPO researching the somewhat controversial fields of Robotics, neural interface and artificial organs and biological systems claim that they can introduce man to a form of immortal by 2045. This project is called an 'Avatar'.

    The movie Avatar is a mind blowing brilliant movie. Have you watched this movie? Its a concept in which humans brain is transplanted at the end of one's life. This movie has faced severe criticism as well as support.

    This project is incredible. While people says that the concept is too erratic and a theory that has no basis in fact to be successful. Nothing is impossible because, back in the 60s even organ transplant were frowned on and considered impossible. So, this initiative is at a too early stage to start judging its possible success if we take a closer look at the milestone they achieved. They are tabulated below.

    Avatar A (2015-2020): A robotic copy of human body remotely controlled via BCI.

    Avatar B (2020-2025): An Avatar in which human brain is transplanted at the end of one's life.

    Avatar C (2030-2035): An Avatar with an artificial brain in which a human personality is transferred at the end of one's life.

    Avatar D (2045-2045): A hologram like Avatar.

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    I read about them too. I think it is totally possible because of current advancement in technology and I believe it's our first step towards true immortality. Although I think it has nothing to do with morals. Because your avatar is fitted with your thoughts and experiences, so it's basically you. In this way even when the shell of your avatar decays, the valid info will be transplanted into another shell. That way one would never die.
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    Thanks for the prompt input. Howerver, as a Christain, I felt immorality is against god. The technology is moving too advanced and expect to come true in near future. That would be amazing. Let's see what other member's say?

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    John, two points may please be noted. Firstly, HTML tags are not allowed in the forum section (pointing it out as it has been observed that you are into it quite often). Please adhere to the Posting Guidelines. Secondly, do wait for a few responses before posting one from your side in a thread raised by you. Consecutive responses make it appear like a chat session which doesn't look good.

    Regarding your thread, scientific developments may be capable of making anything possible but I don't think any invention or development can beat the natural process.

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    I must assure you John Deo, that no religion approves of immortality calling it against the will of God. Because we all know that immortality in pure terms is impossible. Yet mankind was in the pursuit of immortality since the dawn of the civilization. Gunpowder, wine, many different metals..etc..; were all found out in the process of attaining immortality. We always wanted to be immortals so badly.
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    People feel that anything is possible. Puranas says God is immortal. God is there in everybody. So every body's soul is immortal. It is changing the body, the way in which we change our dress. so I feel soul is immortal body is mortal.
    The pursuit of the man is to extend the life of body or its parts. They are successful to some extent. Now eyes are changed. Heart transportation we all here. Scientists are successful in extending the life by new type of medicines etc. The average life of a man is increasing. Parts changing is also successful We have to see whether the whole body can be made immortal..

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    Well the advancement of science and technology may prompt human to go for one step forward to live for more years but certainly we cannot avoid death which is already decided and our fate would take to that destiny. As I have mentioned several times that what ever seen in this world with our naked eyes, one day or the other it is going to vanish or destroy and that includes even human being. We may have large love and affections on persons close to us but the fact remains that we have to part with them sooner or later. If the robots can be charged up and work as human being, certainly the love and affection part which we normally emote cannot be found in those man made machines. By the way over taking the nature and doubting the creation of God is something unwanted and that would bring bad repute to the scientific world.
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