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    How many members in ISC keep an eye of total earnings of other members?

    As in ISC one member can visit the other member's profile so we can access all the tabs or sections (Profile, Gifts&Awards, Contributions, Friends,Referrals,visitors,messages) of other member profile so one way it is good and transparent so no partiality is there on anyone and one more thing it will give us a clue which sections can get more revenue for us.Previously on the website, there was no total amount displayed but later the total amount is displayed now what my question is how many people or members are interested to see the other profiles how much they earned in the website. As I want to confess one thing I am the one who always visits the other profiles for this reason (earn revenue and calculate the time span).
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    I sometimes felt shocked how the top earners made that such amount. However, they have contributed thousands of articles and post in forum, ask expert section and different section for years. They also earn revenue share bonus which takes years to make that money.

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    Why should I bother about others income? Everybody is earning from ISC according to his/her own ability and level of contribution. Is it necessary to ponder over others income? Does our own income increase by doing that?
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    I think there is no need of seeing regularly how much others are earning. Yes, one has to observe once or twice just to find out on an average how much others are earning so that you know that if you contribute regularly your earning potential will be in that range. I think that is the only use of peeping in others account.

    Anyway there are many activities in ISC and your true earning potential will depend on the combination.

    Sometimes information that how much others are earning works as a motivational force also.

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    Well there is no urgent necessity for us to visit every profile and know the earning potential of performing members. Normally what we see is the post raised by the member himself or herself about the achievement money or award wise. That is enough for us to know his progress and we also give congrats message. By the way making a formidable earning from this site is not that easy and is always coupled with work and sustained contributions. Any one can have their name in the top 20 earners of this site and the list if they daily score 60 to 80 points and that will put them in top rank too.
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    Its an authentic question and asked on right forum.
    I personally track other earning as it inspire me to do beyond my limits and i have started covering matter from article.
    i want to provide the best theme i can provide here on day to day basis.
    So if there if no target why anyone will run for the target.
    if we have to move ahead we must set some kinds of parameter for the same.

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    Uniyal there is no target as such set by any member. Those who have the zeal and interest to share creative ideas and knowledge do keep coming to this forum regularly and that sustained contributions bring them good points, which in turn get the good ranks and also enable them to earn some decent amount at the end of every month. In fact every member of this site can be a great performer. But what happens that the sustained interest is lost in some members who run out of ideas as to what to post. Never mind keep close watch on happenings around you and report your anxiety or accord on that and thus a topic has become lively here.
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    No, I do not keep an eye on the earning of the other members. But sometimes I check their profile to see the performance of the members. And I also checkpoints of members daily, weekly and yearly sometimes.
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    Personally, I don't feel it is ethical to keep pepping eyes on others earning. It is their hard work the way they earn and if one is so interested of earning, he/she should take inspiration from such member and earn. What will one get in it? I just wonder. I don't keep pepping on other earning but yes when I start contributing, I keep an eyes that who are ahead of me in points earning. I try to overtake them one by one like how I am doing since few days.

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    I think keeping an eye on others earning and progress just goes to show one has ill intention. Otherwise who cares for what's in plate of another person. As long as you are eating good. It takes time to understand this lesson. But life gives us plenty of time to learn this slowly.

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