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    Do you welcome the introduction of Rs200 currency notes soon!!

    Recently we have seen the introduction of new currency notes Rs.2000 and Rs. 500 after demonetization process. There are indications that Rs10 plastic notes to be introduced soon. Now there is message from RBI it is introducing new Rs.200 rupee currency notes with more securities to meet the problems of change for higher denomination notes like Rs.2000. Already Rs.50, Rs.100 and Rs.10 are in circulation. It may also introduce new Rs.1000 currency notes sooner or later but it is not confirmed by RBI yet. At present most of the ATM's are in closed state due to lack of currency notes and people are struggling with exchange for Rs.2000 notes. So do you welcome the introduction of new Rs.200 currency notes soon folks?
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    There is no question of welcoming/criticising new currency. Whatever the Union Government and RBI decide, we have to accept it. We don't have any say in this regard.

    The Union Government and RBI have clarified many a time that they are not going to re-introduce Rs. 1000/- currency note soon. Even then this rumour is being floated every month. Why is the rumour being floated in the social media? We have to find out.

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    I don't work as of now so it won't affect me in any way. So yes, I would welcome it with all of my heart. But why are our PM and economic ministers in such a dilemma? Why can't they provide a sustainable solution for once? I think 200 will be highly useful though as most domestic products lie in that range. Just don't wipe away my favorite 100 rs note though please!
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    I agree with Partha that we, as common citizens, have no say in the matter but I would prefer to agree more with Aditya as to why our PM and his financial experts are in a dilemma? What are they trying to achieve? Confusion and purposeful lack of cash for transaction? All payments including pensions and other welfare schemes have been affected this month too due to lack of sufficient funds (Cash). What is the Center up to? We need to be aware about it because we are not actually aware about the brains that are working behind our PM and his team!
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    New Currency is good way to keep warming the tempo of note bandi. People can be keep on track by this way that govt can turn on heavily on blackmoney holder..It can be eyeopener for them so that they cant keep stocking of the new 500 and 2000 notes.
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    Instead of saying welcoming I would say it is the necessity of times as by introducing a bigger currency of 2000 the government erred and the people are finding difficult to exchange the bigger denomination for the the small change. After 500 note, there is no intermediate currency to exchange. If new 200 rupee note would be introduced, it will reduce the problem of common man searching for change for 2000 note. Either too only 100 rupees notes are widely available and the grocery shop owners wont part with 100 rupee notes in exchange of bigger 2000 note for any purchase. With the introduction of 200 rupees note one can mitigate with change problems and more over the government and RBI must time and again monitor the problems being faced by the general public and traders in the market and bring new currencies of varied denomination to tie down the crisis.
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    It is a good move indeed, it will solve lot of problems in changing 2000 notes. I am sure government too know that what are the problems people having. Our PM don't have "Jadu ki chhadi" (The magic stick) to solve every problem in a second. Everything will come systematically. So, instead of critising him, we should have some faith on him like how we did for some earlier government and PM for more than 50 years. Yeah, it is different if one looks everything with their negative eyes to this current government.

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    The problem of cash for villagers not yet over. Still they are struggling for cash. No sufficient cash in banks or ATMs. I don't know whether the Government is doing some thing to solve this problem. Many of the ATMs are closed. In cities some how people managing by on line transaction etc.,. But in villages problem persist. It will be good for them if Rs.200/- note is introduced. But these are all rumors only. No body is confirming the introduction of these notes. There is a rumor that again Rs,2000/- notes are going to be banned. But I don't believe this. Of course We are having no say in this. All will happen as per the central government. But bringing in Rs.200/= note is a very necessity in the present scenario.
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    Yes certainly I would welcome 200 currency note. In opinion it would be beneficial for the common man.
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    As a common man, all I have to do is accept. I can't control things around me. So other than accepting there is nothing that I can do. I just have questions. That how adding more currency notes it is helping me. I think that needs to be considered. That being said, there are times when the currency notes fragmentation may hurt the country. Any financial analyst didn't posted about that?

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