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    Do you think that scientists have more firm believe in God than that of us?

    Surprisingly, my own answer is yes! Though scientists have not been able to find the existence of God yet and due to this fact some may argue that they would definitely disbelieve but I think the facts, they study about the nature seems some times miracle of God to them. We all just have basic knowledge of nature and science but scientists have far more better knowledge than us. And thus they are aware of miracles of God more than that of us.
    Do you agree with me?
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    Scientists know that some natural power is being guiding us and we are all bound to work under its command and life process, our progress and our end is already destined and though scientists have been meddling with their interfering process against the God, they could not succeed and that itself is the great proof that God is there and scientists wont reveal the same in public. Moreover scientists have been studying every religion for this purpose and they are immensely convinced with Indian Mythology and the existence of God. And those who were denying the existence of God have later confirmed something extra ordinary spirit guiding us.
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    Yes Scientists believe the existence of a super natural power which is responsible for all that is happening in this world. Many of them are trying to understand what is that power and how it works. Scientists are also human beings like us , they also will have their beliefs. The Chairman of ISRO, whenever he comes to Sriharikota for launching of a Satellite, makes it a point to visit Chengalamma temple in sullurpeta oneday before in the evening. It is the belief of scientists that the launching will be successful. But the point we have to observe here is the scientists will work day and night to make the launching successful. Any small doubt also they will not leave unattended. The drill they do every time is meticulous and no loose tags they will leave. 24 hours before they start countdown and every minute and every second there is a point to be observed and confirmed. After doing all this they go and pray God for success. This will give them additional energy and enthusiasm to work. Without doing anything, believing the existence of God and leaving everything to him may not be liked by even GOD also.
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    Scientists have a deep knowledge of natural phenomenon and they try to explain everything in terms of scientific knowledge gathered by humans so far. There are many questions still unanswered and scientists are toiling day and night to crack the puzzle of universe - who created it, when it was created, what is the starting point and what is the end ? So naturally they are more inquisitive about some supernatural power called God.

    There is a difference between being inquisitive and being a believer. I do not think that all scientist are believers of God.

    Believing in God is something which comes to a man by his family and society. These beliefs are deep rooted in ones consciousness and can not be changed or erased. So believing in God is a thing of faith which varies from individual to individual and it can not be generalized for a profession.

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    Yes I agree with you. They see miracle of God and nature more than that of us. Do not forget our saints were not only saint but they were great scientists and philosopher. The knowledge which the European scientists are discovering today our saints has mentioned these knowledge years ago in their books . Unfortunately these knowledge did reach to other countries of the world.
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    Scientist are too a human, may be not all could believe in God but some of them sure. Take an example of Doctor in some way they are too comes in scientist category, still when things goes out of their hand, they only wait for miracle to happen or they say it all depend on God now. They may not directly say but their indication is to that supernatural power whom we have different name as God.

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    I don't think so. It all depends on an individual's approach and firm belief in God. If we start dividing people based on their faith in Him, you will find people who have no religious belief in lesser proportion. Thus majority of the human beings, irrespective of their rank and file, have religious faith or faith in God. Scientists are not an exception for this. Sometime it becomes customary for those who holds a chair to follow certain practices. ISRO Chairman offers prayer to Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala either before or after a launch and the Chief Minister offering pearls and silk cloths officially for the Sitrama Kalyanam in Badhrachalam in Telangana on the Ramnavami day. These are all precedence followed and should not be construed as personal beliefs.

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