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    Is free and small cost rationing making poor farmers idlers?

    (Special Prize Winner of the TOW for the week 2nd April - 8th April’17)

    We are happy enough that governments take right initiative to provide low budget ration supply at every level in India. But in my opinion, the policy is not applied properly and with proper government bodies functioning for the same.

    Ration is being supplied at every level with the help of local dealers. It is affecting all of us in two ways. First of all maximum small scale farmers left their small farming lands as they were able to get enough ration at reasonable cost, compared to their hard working farming life style. This system is still away from the access of the needy ones but is in turn modelling our small scale villagers farmers into idlers because they have left their small scale land barren.
    Secondly, most of the ration dealers are freely selling all these ration to their near and dear ones which is definitely coming out from the mouth of the poorer ones who should actually stand benefited. Those who are involved in such illegal practices are supported by either political leaders or govt officials who are also part of the same money earning chain system.

    Question now arises as to why government is not changing the mode of this ration supply so that corruption is kept aside and the idler ones are encouraged to come back to normal family farming and living.

    This issue need to be approached and dealt with all seriousness. What do you have to say about this?
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    I wont agree with the author that our regular farmers have become idlers thanks to the free rations they get as part of National food security scheme. By the way the government is not providing everything through ration. Rice, wheat, sugar and oils are for sure and in some places additional things are also given. So a farmer can produce cereals, pulses, and even grow vegetables and fruits in his farms. Now a days fancy flowers have become more fetching and natural rose of hybrid varieties has good market . So our farmers need not sit idle and instead they can go for alternative crops which may fetch them additional amount. By the way India takes pride of our farming community and we cannot relegate our farmers to idleness. Surely agriculture Ministry must brace up and work out with farmers for their alternative produce.
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    Definitely Government sops are making people lazy. For example under food for work scheme in villages the authorities are supposed create work for minimum number of people and pay them as per the rates decided by Government. If you observe in villages what is happening is the village authorities are giving half the wage to the worker without assigning any work and the remaining half into their pocket. People are satisfied with this. So many re not interested to come and work in fields or factories. Another aspect is ration at lower rate. So people are not struggling for food. Really if you observe in a village, the farmers are struggling for manpower. If this trend continues availability of food grains will become very rare commodities and rates will go to new heights.

    Government should encourage farmers by giving fertilizers and other requirements at a subsidized price and encourage forming. Giving cash and ration at low prices will keep the people very lazy. Help poor families by providing financial help for their children schooling and daughter's marriage etc., and encourage them to produce more food products will be good for the country. But whatever Government do, as long as the corruption is there, we can;t anything good for the community.

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    Actually farmers are facing many problems in doing their primary job of farming and are not able to give the desired production of various crops or vegetables or fruits. There are many reasons behind this and the main problems are - water resources for irrigation, high cost of seeds and fertilizers, natural calamities, stress and pressure of bank loans, migration of labour from villages to industrial towns etc. Under these adverse conditions farmers have to give productive results.

    Now if Govt is extending cheap ration and other facilities it will not make them idle rather they will be inspired and motivated to do their work. Farmers have a deep attachment with their land and it's produce and they will only be happy when they see an abundant crop.

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    Yes I agree with author. Free and small cost rationing making poor farmer idlers. There should be proper management for that purpose.
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