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    The Toughest Subject In Academics

    No person is perfect in this world. It is a universal truth. So even the topper of your school or college had a difficult subject in their life. And I think everyone has and we do all had one hard subject apart from a subject that we hated separately. Well, in that case, which was the toughest subject you have ever faced in your entire academic journey? And why was it tough for you? If you had more than one subject you can mention them.
    Well, the toughest subject for me was the history and civics subject as it was difficult for me to remember the lengthy answers and also I felt it boring of all the subjects. Also, the hard part was to by heart the date's for different occasions. Apart from it, I hated mathematics alot. And even today I have the same feelings for it.
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    Right from the childhood I hated the maths subject and not comfortable with it. In fact for many of us maths is the boring and toughest subject. Even my daughter who scored 10 by 10 average in maths does not like the subject and hence chose BiPC in Inter. Here what I mean that with some subjects we connect ourselves well and understand each and every teachings with perfection. Such subjects are a cake walk and we would answer any question comes from those subjects. And for those subjects we do not pay interest, we feel it us difficult and wont like it. This kind of feeling is present in many.
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    During my middle-school, i.e., in VIIth, VIIIth and IXth stanard, I was afraid of Biology and Geography. However, with continuous effort, I managed these two subjects much better at later stage. So far as Mathematics is concerned, although I could manage the subject easily, I didn't like it very much.
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    For me Physics was the toughest subject whole academic life. But I like Maths, Biology and history very much. At the time of higher secondary school I got develop a habit to leave classes without informing my parents or teacher, and so concept was not clear. So that physic was the toughest subject for me.
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    Physics was the very tough subject for me. In my graduation I have take MPC. I was very good at maths and chemistry. I was completing these subjects very fast. But Physics was very boring and I was to spend lot of time to understand the subject and solve the problems. So in my post graduation I have gone for Chemistry. In my Graduation my % in physics was less than maths and chemistry. Even after spending lot of time on the subject I was having more and more donuts. I used to disturb my lecturer many times.
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    During my school days, I was always weak in Math. My other subject was strong even I didn't find difficulties in science. The reason for my weakness in math was one of my class teacher. He knew that I was weak in math and instead of motivating/supporting me, he used to humiliate me in the class in front of the students. Thus, I started hating math and lost my interest. In fact the math teacher has declared that if I pass my 10th exam, he will leave teaching. It is later during my final 10th exams, my father motivated me to stand up and take challenge. Thus, I worked hard for last three month in math and passed my 10th exam. Later, the same teacher told me that whatever he did was to motivate me from opposite way. But, my thinking is different, a teacher should know how to take care his students. Had my father not stood with me and motivated me, I don't know if I could have passed my 10th exam.

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    The toughest subject was Sanskrit in my Primary School days .After,that Physics was the toughest in my Middle School days.I took a lot of time in understanding it.I think the reason was that my Physics teacher was too strict to explain.No one dare to ask any thing.Due to fear ,I became nervous in his class .In Physics Lab . room I also became too nervous and scared.
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    There are two in my life that is toughest is English and hatred is Geography. But after grown up, I felt I missed many interesting things in Geography due to hatred which made me to be always with Atlas and related geographical information and really felt good when I got award in ISC when I related a contest with Atlas.

    Of course, English, I felt toughest in my child hood that has become phobia for me even today and hence I could not improve the fluency in writing though I managed while talking. So people who have seen my writing surely keep a surprise face of my talking.

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    It is well said that there is always some kind of difficulty with everyone in one or more subject.
    We face all these till the time we have not tried to get into the depth of that particular subject.
    Who shown will power and burn their mid night oil get success over their difficulty but who never tried will show it as a big big challenge for them.
    They will be having multiple excuses for the same.
    difficulty of everything depend on our determination.
    It is not the subject but our self confidence which hamper us from reaping that one.

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    Hating a subject is all depend on two factors. One is you will not be attractive to that subject. This is the fault on the person and not on the subject. The other reason may be the teacher who teaches the subject. Yes mostly the students finds hard about a subject why because he is not taught in the way how to make that subject interesting. We can not teach a maths subject as we teach the science subject. This applicable to leading also. Every subject had its own style to make it interesting.

    For me I have all the subject find hard at different part of time. Also I find each subjects finds easy at different point of times. During my SSLC and PU second year I loved all subjects. It is so funny know. Yes I selected the right guru who will teach their subject in an interesting and easy ways. We can not all at one place. So I spent my time to find them and prepared at last three months to score good marks. I cannot say every guru can teach all the students like the way you interested. It depends on the listener too. Basically we should love the subject to make it interesting. Apart from those two years, I spent less time on all subjects and find them difficult.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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