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    Find the good in people and ignore the bad in them

    It is a general observation that people in this world are more accustomed to criticize the others saying that they are wrong in some aspects. They advise others not to move with them. This is what I observed in many places. They tell us to find the good people and leave the bad ones.

    No one in this world is perfect. Everybody will have some problems. So we can't say that we are perfect. Another point we should keep in mind is that when we point a finger towards somebody the other four will be pointing us.

    Keeping all these points in mind I say "Find the good in people and ignore bad in them". What is your opinion?
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    A true criticism always bring healthy relationship if one take it positively. So, I find no wrong in doing so. As far as bad and good people are concerned, everywhere you can find such people. Now, it is up to you how you tackle the situation being with them. It is indeed, you can't run away with a bad person or your bad colleague who is sitting near your working desk for long 8 hours. It totally depend on your nature how you take them in your life.

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    This is the the good suggestion coming from the author. But normally we tend to friend such a person whose wave length and thinking power matches with ours and thus we wont mind even spending on them. Some of the friends are just pleasantries exchanging ones and they wont open up beyond thus. But some are very cautious and they weigh everything before advancing towards us for friendship. But a real friend is one who knows all about us and still likes us. He is the real and reliable friend who wont shun us even in the worst conditions of life. So if last kind of persons are met in the life we have to take their good and bad things into stride and move.
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    Its good thing said by author. We must try to accept the same but in general everyone try try remain away from those who carry negative wavelength towards them.
    Its very easy to raise all such very positive idea but its very in habitat to accept and follow the same.
    If we can manage to ignore worse part and just to see the positive part of companion we will be the best human being.
    we must try to develop such habits within our self and it will definitely need very high determination and patience.

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