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    India should not lose its important ally Russia

    In current international situation, there is a big political changes happening. India is losing its important friend who has helped India to become a strong country in Asia. It is a history that how Russia has supported India in every international political stage. Be it a war or against terrorism, Russia has always stood with India. However, now the situation are changing, Russia is coming closer to Pakistan and China and in recent time there are many occasion it has refused to support India in international level.

    India, must look into this matter seriously. Russia is a neighbouring country and it can create a big influence in this region. And if it is coming closer to Pakistan and China, it is indeed a major issue for the future.

    India should be careful, getting closer with US, it should not lose Russia in anyway. What was our history with US, we have experienced it already during cold war. So, India must create and have a good friendship relation with Russia at any cost.
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    I agree that we can't lose important ally Russia. Russia helped India in earlier situations and supported many times. Russia once upon a time as a combined USSR giving tough fight to USA for number one slot. But later on because of their internal problem and other issues USSR got split into different nations. Russia is the powerful country among them.
    India can't afford to lose friendship with USA as well as Russia. Otherwise our neighboring enemy countries Pakistan and China will take advantage.

    So India's foreign policy should be diplomatic and see that we get support of all countries in the times of troubles.

    always confident

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    I do agree with the author that India should not forget the favor of Russia and it should not loose the great friendship. At the same time India is bound to become closer as US because it is always siding with Pakistan and for India to keep check on Pakistan and its overtures, Immediate sustained friendship with US is important otherwise there is even chance of war like situation in Asia. After the disintegration of USSR, Russia has become less importance and in super power wise Russia is not asserting its power as done by US. The recent missile attack of US on Syria could not evoke any provoking response from Russia and just warning to US does not suffice. At this juncture India also cannot rely on such a weak Russia which is loosing its super power slowly. So Indian on its is capable of defending the country and if at all super powers align with us means it is for their military benefits.
    K Mohan
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    i also agree with the author.
    form my childhood i used to listen that our only loyal friend is Rusia. Till the the time Rusia is favouring us we are at safer zone.
    We also know that old is gold than why we are forgetting the myth.
    It is good that we are turning into powerful economy which doesn't mean we should forget our best friend.
    Whatever may be the situation of Rusia we shall remain their best patronage ever.
    We are indian and never show our back to our friends.
    Rusia is still superpower and will be in top tune always.

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