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    Do you chide your children in front of others ? Please avoid that as your child gets hurt.

    For every parent their children is the best and they wont agree that others are more intelligent than them. But when the parents of like minded children mingle with one another at the parent teacher meeting hall, they do discuss the issues relating to children progress in subject and setbacks in other subject. And some times unmindful of what the child thinks, the mother would complaint about her own child with others and that hurts the child very much as he cannot digest that insult. Please try to understand the prestige of your child also in the class and never talk belittling him with others.
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    There is no point in complaining about our children to somebody else. Even if our child is not doing good in a particular subject, it is better to sit with him and observe what are the mistakes he is committing and advise him how to avoid. You should do that privately in your house. Otherwise separately you can meet the teacher and talk to him about your child and see that he will improve. More than that you can arrange tuition for that subject. In stead of that if you chide him , the child will definitely get hurt. If you want to praise any body you can do that in a gathering so that the individual will get motivated. If you want to advise, caution or warn anybody you do it desperately but not in a group. It is always better for a person to take your advises positively.
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    Yes Mr. K. Mohan. In present age even a child of 4-5 years can not digest an insult of him. Children are very sensitive and it hams a lot when we insult them in front of other students or other parents.
    If your children are not doing well in any subject, try to solve their problem. Thinks, how much time do you spend with your children and help in their studies? So try to spend sometimes with your children and help in their studies.

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