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    I felt time travel in ISC too.

    Though always we say that we welcome new things, but always felt old is good whether it is gold or not. I felt the same thing when I open a forum through one of the alert, it has taken the page of forum thread before the new template and I felt through ISC, time travel happened to me if not real.

    So members you may take this thread to discuss the various factors, time travel, memory lane in ISC or any other memory lane which you may felt like time travel or good feeling.
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    Yes, time travel too in ISC but my thought is different. Its been long since, I have joined this side. This year in July month I am going to complete 5 years in this site. Yes, I might have not done something great or achieved something important but being with so many wonderful members is always feeling good. When I see old member like Venkiteswaran, Mohan, Sun, Juana, Saroja, Saji, Mr. Rao and of course including editor like ME Vandana and Kalyani, I remembered my initial days. Seeing the same member and communicating with them one can say yes, Time travel in ISC too.

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    Yes, I felt it many times frankly. It is not the same ISC which made me to join and get attached to it in my initial days. The active members like you, Venkiteswaran sir, Chitra, Asutosh and some others (ofcourse Jeets is back) really have accelerated the discussions in Forum and I use to check back those threads for a sense of relief.

    One of my threads which was posted with anger when I came back from a vegetable market got no response from you all which made me more anguish. When I look back to the thread and get a smile on my face for the quality of the post in my initial days in ISC!


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    Mr. Patro: When I am clicking the link given by you, I am reading about your beautiful state Orissa. But I can't feel your anger!
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    Thank you Partha. I have corrected the link now.

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    There was lots of difference of ISC of those times and India Study Channel of this time. When I joined only handful of members were present the discussions were not that fruitful nor having overwhelming participation. The forum was not having detailed discussions and even the content was raised in one or two lines. Over the period of times. the forum section was refined to such an extent that today we can find crisp, larger than expectation editing and over all inclusive participation from the regular members. What impress me that even Tony our webmaster takes pride in this forum section and comes here now and then. The way forum section has been made live with changed template and the way the discussions are going on here, surely new members get floored and they shall immediately get accustomed with this site for ever. My appreciation to all those who are connected with this forum.
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    Things have completly changed. Initially, when I joined ISC, I wasn't able to respond to forum topic. That might be because of my reluctancy or laziness. Today, when we scroll down and take a closer look on the thread title, we are tempted to read and respond to it.

    Way back in 2013, I start my first voyage with ISC. I was a person who has no patience, and even blame or scold editor for rejecting one of my article for the fourth time. However, our mentors have helped me and sort out any issues asap.

    Now, I felt like the site is the best platfor to learn and earn.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

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    It is a golden thread to remember first day of ISC. I am too close to complete 6th years and top level of ISC but always miss few old member like R Pramod . We all know that change is the rule of nature
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    All experienced (I won't say old) Members are lamenting about the golden, old days of ISC in this thread. I would like to know from them whether they don't find new Members' contributions interesting. I know that it is not possible to replace individual Members because everyone has his/her own distinct characteristics. But don't the new Members cause any value addition to this beautiful platform?
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    Partha, of course new members have added more value to this site no one would deny about it. However, I took those members name whom I saw when I was new, whom I still see around me. Important part is where many members came and gone, these members still providing their fresh ideas and experience to this site.

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    Yes Partha the new members are now really doing great in this site. But members put their memory lane or time travel according to the title.

    Though we always mean time travel to past but time travel to future too good and in fact I felt in this thread in 2050 when my grand son looked through the pages of mine in ISC.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    When I joined ISC I was in last years of school and I joined ISC with the sole purpose of improving my English not knowing I can also earn from this site. And realizing this that writing here also pays was like icing on the cake for me.
    In my earlier days when I used to write threads all the senior members used to point out were I am going wrong or if I had committed any grammatical mistakes in the beginning I felt a little frustrated about that, but later I realized it was for my own good and this pointing out has helped me to try to write in better and improved way.
    In the earlier days when I joined most of the topics on the forum were very interesting and related to current issues, but these days no one discusses any thing about current issues and things going around us.

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    Ms. Joshi: Nowadays there is almost an unannounced ban (in ISC) on discussing contemporary issues which are being discussed in newspapers.
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    @Partha I think this tacit ban is copying the news same as it is on the newspaper but I don't think their is any ban on puting our point view about any such thing.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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