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    In your opinion who is responsible for increasing fees structure in private schools.

    Private school increases fees every year depending on their appetite or need.
    On social front parents are demanding for govt interference in this respect same time they want high quality modern education from the same school.
    Is it feasible to do everything at low price.
    We are so coward who always are looking for support from other shoulder, we don't have enough guts to point finger on govt schools running either by state or central ministry.
    We thought that if we will say anything about them we may be their enemy as there are our relatives, neighbour or other known person working .
    We never want to go to govt funded school to take note of their activity.
    Govt has already setup sufficient school on every level . Now it is up to you, how you want to get out put from them.
    You cant blame private institution for there high price. They are fulfilling your demand as you have very high expectation from them.
    Did you ever thought why you have need to go there when you know that they will charge for every kind of services they are offering.
    Initially we request school management for admission at any cost but later on we turn our tune and start protesting against them thats on the shoulder of other.
    why we have dual facile action on same
    we must unite against govt school who are not performing as per our expectation.
    If we can control them we will never need to join Private schools.
    It is our failure, Private school has to do what they can do for their institute betterment and overall they have to pay high cost for the teacher appointed by them.
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    What I feel that modern age parents who want to impart best education to their children are only responsible for patronizing such schools who were never popular in past and over the period of time they have become convent from ordinary school and soon they have turned to International from convent. All these fast development could be possible with overwhelming patronage of so called high profile parents who work in MNC's and draw good salary and they want to keep their children fully engaged with classes, special classes and even tuition at the school itself so that the child would return late evening along with the parents. Such kind of attitude made the school managements to use the weakness of parents to such an extent that they started exorbitant charges and every one is ready to shed the increased fees.
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    Private schools provide good facilities and accordingly they increase their fees every year. In my opinion parents are responsible for increment in the fess structure of private school. They want a good and qualitative education for their children and hence ready to pay high fees accordingly.
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    General saying is that if commodity in the market is less than the demand cost will increase. Here it is the same case.Parents want their child to get the best in the world. So all will think how to get admission for their child. They don't worry about the cost at that point of time. So all corporate schools are increasing the fees more and more and parents are admitting them in those schools only. The problem is with the parents, not with the schools. To attract good students, they are offering some reduction to very good ranker. They are able to balance the equation and making good profits. Now a days educational Institutions are earning lot of money

    Government is starting many schools and appointing teachers. But no students. But as mentioned in the post no body is going to question the government about the performance of these schools.
    If somebody wants good quality education, they have to pay for it.

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    On one side, parents Long to send their children to those highly equipped schools rather than encouraging them towards self study. They believe that five-star schools can train their children better. Therefore the demands increase and pave an easy way to the private schools to increase fees.

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