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    If seen somewhere in such groups, strict actions should be taken against these peoples

    Human is a social animal and hence like to live in groups of people and thus makes a society.
    We see peoples with similar interests in various types of groups and these groups are often seen all around us chatting, laughing and having fun together.
    But we also find people, who while they are in group are indulged in bad activities like smoking, eve teasing, playing cards and making fun of people. Such groups are a big disturbance for our society and when such groups are found around schools they lure little kids and students to join them and make them like themselves. Formation of such groups is a stigma for our society and practice of formation of such groups should be abolished from our society.
    But the thing how to abolish such groups from forming and growing?
    Do you have any suggestions?
    What you will do if you see any such group emerging in your neighborhood?
    Specially if little kids around you are attracted to such groups?
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    Good and bad are equally spread in this nation or world. While bad things are happening around us we should come forward to raise our voice against it. Especially the kids are more attracted to the good or bad things depending on the situation they are brought up. In general the public only have to protect other public. We can not wait for some other to raise their voices and then we can join them. Why should not we raise our voice against these kind of groups on real.

    I hope this is the only way we can protect others and can not expect others to do so.

    The group formation can not be completely eleminate but can be controlled by not make groups around schools, temples, colleges and in parks.


    Mr. Sankara Rama Subramanian

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    The author has raised a important social problem which we are facing when we generally spot some groups of people sitting on the road side corner and passing rave remarks against the passerby and also indulging in teasing activities against the girls. Such people are not having any work and their parents simply feed them and leave it unhooked and thus these so called youth are the menace to the society. In Hyderabad the She teams police who are in mufti would nab such groups and arrest them, I wish all the states must have strict vigil on hooligans and rowdy sheeters who normally indulge in such anti social element activities. In fact Police must call their parents and given them counseling so that next time that kind of thing should not happen. Some times good persons are also dragged into those worst youth groups and thus entire family gets bad name and bad repute.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now a days it has become a hobby to some young college going boys to gather together in a street corner and talking with each other while smoking. They make fun of people passing by that way. They tease the girls going by that way. This is happening especially near the high schools and colleges.

    I have observed some girls also gathering together for time pass and commenting on the boy passing alone on that way.

    They feel that they are very grate and they know every thing.But they don't understand how much struggle their parents are under going for earning.They are all teenagers and they have scant respect for others.

    One day I have seen three boys sitting together smoking in the street in a corner. I warned them that was a public place if they continue smoking there I will complain to police. From that day they hide themselves if I happened to go that side.

    I hear that SHE teams are doing a good job in Hyderabad. Same type of teams should be formed in other places also to control teasing of girls. Police should take strict action on the boys who are smoking in public places. Parents should council their children. Then these practices may come down.

    always confident

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    People have freedom to live as want to live but it is not their right to destroy the future and time of others.
    Problem raise by Author is very common everywhere. It is not the problem of any individual country but whole world. Youth are generally very prone to bad thing happening around.
    In my Opinion beside Govt level it should be taken at Village/Society level very seriously.
    We must form some strict group against these kinds of peoples are main cause of this problem within the society.
    If we are thinking that let it be like this as till now we are not affected by such problem days are not far when we will be the victimise of the same.
    We will have to tackle this issue at every level so that we can make our youth constructive.
    They fall prey to distrcutive idea very soon as it looks them easy way to get adopt.
    On govt level there must be severe action against the will full defaulter but as you can see that in many cases leaders children are more involved in such kinds of activity mostly in India.
    This is due to the VIP culture of India.
    So now time have when we must be united against such activity and people providing them shelter.

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    This is a common problem everywhere. This mainly happens in teenage. At some places not only boys but girls also doing the same thing and this is called modernization of their lives. Teasing is most common in these group, they pass a bad comment to anyone who is passing by. Mostly boys use bad language when a girl is passing on that way. They should be stopped by that individual too. Everyone should not depend on Govt. At some places govt. also doing well but at the time of incident it is not necessary that police or guard of society are present. Then common man should try to stop them. This is a common problem for whole society, So all should come together to erase this kind of problems.

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