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    Have the attitude of "I can " and " I will " to be ahead of others.

    In this world of competition and cunning attitude of others, there can be people around you who pretend to be good but in reality they may be your enemy. In this situation we are our own boss and we must inculcate such attitude to get ourselves recharged against the odd and competition. So every day when you wake up, recharge yourself with 'I can " and " I will" challenge and that would pave way for definite achievement of goal. The positive attitude in us will be so powerful , even our close followers get energized with our vibrant attitude.
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    Positive attitudes fill us with positive energy,while negative attitudes with negative energy.Positive energy is necessary for life.By getting positive energy we can do ,what are impossible for others.We give our the best to the society.The world is full of people, who gave their the best in adverse situation due to positive energy.I have attended a program of Dibyang Society,where some of students drew the portrait of Chief guest and guests,the students drew those through legs.I was surprised enough to see those.When the common students do n't give their the best ,by using their hands,they did these by legs.It was the positive look,that I could make my place in society.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Everyone born with different attitude and internal power. Some may get breakdown easily, some fight for it. In any situation, as long as one learn from their mistakes, life become easy for them. Those who are successful, they are too a human and not God and if they achieved success why can't others. In every step of life there is challenge and one should take it positively instead of losing their heart. So, yes, "I can" and "I will" attitude should be always there in someone's mind no matter what work they do.

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    A good suggestion from the author for the new generation. Some of them are suffering from stress and mental pressure due to the competition everywhere and it is necessary for the parents and teachers to train them in such a way that they can face the challenges with a positive note that 'I can'. A feel of 'I can do it' or 'I will make it' will always revitalize the inherent energy in us and make us to move forward with confidence. Thus the battle is half won and the rest depends on our hard work and luck.

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    Positive thinking is a must for the success of the Individual. When you start a work with a positive attitude you will definitely find out ways and means to complete the work successfully.
    Instead of that if you have negativity in mind, even simple works can also look like giants.
    Self confidence is always required. Lord Hanuman is not aware of the inherent energy he is having. He started thinking that he may not be able to cross the ocean. Then all his fellow members told him that he can do it. Then Hanuman realized his energy, he told himself, I CAN DO It. He crossed the ocean, entered Lanka and seen Sita.

    If you have a strong desire to do a work, you will be able to do that. What ever hurdles come you will over come and make the work successful. So positive thinking is good for all.

    So start the day with a positive thought and say I Can, you will accomplish your goal.

    always confident

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    A certain amount of self confidence is needed to succeed or achieve something.
    In that regard self reminders like 'I can' and "I will' will help to reinforce self confidence. But if they are in excess and overdose or expressed outwardly often, then the result can be contra also. Even a small failure of such person will get inflated by adversaries and critics.

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    Yes it happens. I think "I Can " And "I will" are two words which are related to same feeling. If someone has desire of something and he think that he can do that then definitely he will do that. After completing a target he thinks that he is successful and he get some positive energy himself. And this positive energy is enough to go ahead of others. But sometimes it is better not to do all the things what a person can. Positive thinking is good but excess of anything is bad.

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