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    Do you pressurize your children to get good marks in examination?

    It is seen that parents always pressurize their children to get good score or marks in examination. Due to pressure students do not able to give 100% and fail to compete. It harms development of student. Sometimes they force to do suicide when fail to compete.
    Do you pressurize your children to get good marks in examination? Please share your opinion in this thread.
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    I am of the opinion that we as the parents should not pressurize the children to get good marks in the exams as they do too have the responsibility to score high as they are more pressurized in the schools by the teacher and they have to be ahead of competitor in the class. In fact we must be a friend to the child by saying that they will score any way. For my children we always taught one good way of learning. That is having the knowledge of next lesson today itself. What that created much difference is that our children used to excel in every class and their memory power is so great that they simply listen to the teacher in the class and wont even go for any tuition and they try to write the answers given as home work on their own with picture illustration for comparison and reasoning and that made them one step ahead of others and they wont fear for exams.
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    Parents-children relationship is a very sensitive relationship. A kid may not get hurt if outsider say something to him/her but easily get hurt when their parent comment negative about them. Pressurising kid for better result in exams are a very wrong attitude which can lead to a very dangerous situation, we all know. Instead of behaving like parent, one should behave like a friend to their kid then only they can know where their kid has minus or plus point. Once you understand your kid's nature, it will become easier to handle. The time is gone when earlier parent used to beat children for their bad result or behaviour. The current time is totally different and one has to take responsibility as a good parent and not a kind of parent who in every step pressurises their kid.

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    Putting more pressure on the children is not at all advisable. Already today's children are under tremendous pressure. Everywhere heavy competition. Teachers and corporate schools are already giving heavy load to them. So again parents pressurising the children will make the children uncertain and once uncertainty comes into their mind they may not be able to fare well.

    Only when they are in high school we should have an eye on them and see that they are not getting accustomed to bad habits. Be friendly with them. Let us create a cordial atmosphere for them so that they excel in their deeds. Don't compare them with other children and say that they are better. This will hamper the progress of the child. See that he is making the best efforts for his success. See that they get a healthy food and proper rest so that they can maintain good health. If they come to you with a doubt try to clarify. Then the children will be happy and they will not be under pressure.

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    I have different views on this matter. In my opinion Marks doesnt matter, What matter most is knowledge.
    If we are scoring high in the Exam but unable to answer at the right place and dont have enough power to explain the same to questioner than our marks or position is worthless.
    Children are god gifted so definitely boon to everyone. we should not make them our reputation symbol.
    Beside scoring high we should tell them important basics of reading , why we are studying, what are the real benefit of education and more important quality education.
    Position and marks will be not far once we have convince our children about good quality of education.

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    Every child has inborn talent. We need to understand that getting high marks in exams is not the end of the world. Putting pressure on their studies will affect a chlid's negatively.

    I have a sister who studies 2 hours regularly. I never put pressure or scold or shout in rough voice when it comes to study. Contrary there are kids who never looks on their books. A parents should know how to deal with their studies.

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    Parents should instill in their children the burning desire to learn. It can be anything of their interest. First allow them to explore reading beyond the prescribed curriculum, from the point of view of knowledge gaining. Slowly enhance their interest into various other fields. There are so many varied talents a child may possess, allow them to explore.
    Parents need to have a open discussion about the future plans of the child and guide them in a manner to explain the competition that exists and the efforts they need to put in, in order to achieve the targets set by children themselves.
    Moreover, each child has their own unique grasping and understanding levels. So pressurising them to study for long will give futile results.

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    Yes that is true, under pressure students may not shine well in their studies. I can quote my own experience with my son that I never pressurized and thinking that he should be happy and safe as he has to take care in between his school return and my office return.

    At the time of public examination too, I just took a short break from my work and just taken care of his needs during his study, to every one's surprise his marks came out very nicely and even his friends did not believe it. That has happened almost in all the classes like 10th 10+2 and college too.

    So I even say it as a case study while delivering in one of the educational related audience presentation.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    We should not pressurize the children for scoring marks in their exams . At the young age itself we need to inculcate the habit of self learning and be independent in learning themselves. This makes the children to learn and motivate themselves to read and learn as they grow older. We should insist on happy learning. We should not enforce rigid rules for learning, this makes children to get frustrated or depressed and they may not do well in their exams. We should motivate and encourage the children to do well. The parents should provide the necessary information about the future and the competitions that exists for job opportunities . They have to explain to them about the importance of education in terms, for their life, for their career and well being . Be friendly understand their problems, their level of grasping power for learning and be a guide to them in their progress.

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    Simply pressurising the children for good marks is not going to help in the matter. Even many times it leads to unsatisfactory performance.

    There are many other things where we have to stress. What is their aptitude and interest. A boy may have interest in fine arts but hate Maths. Another boy may have a liking for Mathematics but not Biology.

    So just asking them to score is not going to help. Yes, there are good habits and fine practices which we can inculcate in them for properly dividing their time between studies, sports and leisure.

    There are ample examples where students having less marks have risen to heights in very different careers then thought by their parents and at the same time the position holders got a job of a lecturer or teacher and remained there till their retirement.

    We must not link only high scores to the future of a student rather see his hidden abilities where potential for growth is there.

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    Yes I also agree with you, kids never focus on study under pressure of parents. Parents has to allow him/her to do what he/she likes. If he/she likes maths let him study maths. Parents always expect the best for their children and expect that my childs always be topper of the class. But pressurizing the kids constantly is wrong if the kids cannot handle the pressure. Every kid comes with inborn talent. Numbers are not important, its only for satisfaction. When we go for interview, interviewer does not ask how much percentage you get in your college degree. Interviewer sees knowledge of interviewee not percentage. A guy with good grades can stand first in the crowd, but the one with good knowledge is the own who leads crowd.

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    Do you pressurize your children to get good marks in examination? or pressurizing children to get good marks in examination is desirable or beneficial? I have a different opinion. If you do not put any pressure or the student do not take any pressure to score good marks, the performance will be low in more than 95 % cases. Management studies have proven that under optimum stress performance is highest. You may goggle stress-performance graph. So students should take some pressure to perform better.
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