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    Which type of voting system, you support: Electronic Voting Machines based or Paper based?

    Though we know that paper based voting system is not eco-friendly and of course this system was in fashion during the first years of democratic elections but the soldiers and migrated people still have to use the system and currently top leaders of India are suggesting to bring the old system back as hacking and modifications in the EVM chip is observed.
    What do you think about the both systems?
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    I will support paper based election instead of electronic voting machine. Since there should always be a doubt to change the programming in an electronic device and hence it is always create doubt in the minds of people.
    There are many hacker in the world which can change the programming of an electronic device. Nothing is safe in this digital age. So paper based election is better than electronic voting machine.
    Accurate result is important than the time. So I will support paper based election in India.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Don't you think that increasing security levels in the EVMs may be the solution? According to the news I heard recently, Election Commission writes on its site that modifications are impossible in EVM chips. Yes, we know it's been proved that modifications took place. But can't we build more secure and advanced systems? After all going back to old system will mean decadence in technical advancements.

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    The question aired after UP Poll when a leader doubted as how the BJP got so much seats. I mean why such questioned were not aired before the poll? If some leaders are doubtful of EVM, they should have complaint it before it. After getting the result, crying like this can only bring ugly situations. It simply mean that as long as I won, the EVM is fine and when I lose, the same EVM is doubtful? This is not that uses of EVM has just started this year only. Instead of going back, we should find a solution so that leaders do not cry like that after they lose.

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    It depends on the machinery deployed for the duty and their efforts to check the malpractices that are played by various political parties. The ballot paper system was an age old one prevailing in our democratic system and there were many complaints across the country that polling was rigged and we had the history that an Indian Prime Minister's election was disqualified by a High Court. To prevent malpractices in election and make the poll process very easier, the ballot papers were replaced by EVMs and now we are hearing complaints about the tampering of the machines. This complaint is not new and even BJP and TDP were complaining the same when YSR returned to power in 2009 elections. The winners said that the elections were fair and the ECIL who was responsible for making those EVMs denied the allegations. Now, it is the turn of Mayavathi in UP to make a cry over this and the same BJP says nothing wrong with the EVMs.

    Every system has its own merits and demerits but the EVMs have made the election process very faster and even accurate. I mean no problem for deciding votes which are not valid as it was problematic in deciding so in the old traditional paper based election.


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    By all ways and means, EVMs are better for elections. The reasons I attribute for this are.

    1. No chance for rigging.
    2. Very very remote chances for tampering.
    3. Eco friendly.
    4. Less expenditure.
    5. More safe.

    Whatever type of elections you conduct or you conduct very fairly also the loosing parties will always blame the mechanism.

    It is not the first time EVMs are used in election. So far no body proved that there are problems in this. Only allegations. Going back to ballot paper is not at all a welcome move. EC has clarified that it is not possible to tamper with the system here.

    Till somebody proves that there are problems in EVM we should continue with the same.

    always confident

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    I strongly support the electronic voting machines which we call it EVM's which are fool proof, easy to tabulate and cannot be mishandled by any one. We have seen hell of the past with ballot papers voting which were miss used, over powered and when the closing time of voting is approaching there would be mass booth capturing of the ruling party with the connivance of even law enforcing agencies. That kind of mall practices we have seen in the past and that is the reason being so even re-elections were held at so many places previously. But with the advent of EVM's the voter is assured of his secrecy and he cannot be questioned outside as to why he has voted for whom. Moreover the EVM's have been proved to be the best for Indian democracy as we have large electorates and EVM's are the best bet without any doubts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I believe that a sturdy and quality controlled EVM machine is the best option for voting in a big country like India. There is no comparison of old manual ballot system with a robust digital one.

    In old system there were many drawbacks. There was a lot of scope for tempering, booth capturing and other physical interceptions.

    In a small country it does not matter much as to which system you use but in a big country like India we have very well seen the huge number of repolling and reports of manipulating ballot boxs.

    Some people say that EVM machines can be easily tempered and manipulated by the ruling party in centre. If it is so than there had not been a change of ruling party in centre in India and only the first party in whose time EVM was introduced would have been ruling this country indefinitely.

    So in my opinion EVM is the best option.

    Knowledge is power.

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