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    Some people are so lazy

    Some people are so lazy that they leave their responsibilities on others.They spend their time in sleeping and gossiping.They laugh at others,who work hard.They believe in fate not in work.They always spend their time in rest.They don't face challenges of lives.Such people are burden on society.They should change their attitude.Life is precious.Why do n't they spend it in doing their the best?How can we change the attitudes of such people?
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    We are not responsible for other's people attitude. So, instead of changing them, we should avoid being with such people at first. In case, even if they try to obstruct you, you should tell them in strict language that some of the attitude you don't like and they should behave properly. If the straight message goes to the person and if he/she is understandable, I am sure they will try to change their attitude if not at least they will behave properly with you.

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    Lazy people are there every where. They waste their time and they make others also waste their time. It is their life and they will be definitely understanding the mistakes they have done on one day definitely. Bur when somebody tries to advise them they will laugh and they never care. It is their fate. We can't help them except advising him to avoid laziness. We should not become like them by observing them. If they are trying to create problems to us , we should strongly tell them to mind their business and we should go ahead with our work. Otherwise we will loose our time.
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    Yes i agree with author. Some people are very lazy and dont try to work hard. They are really burden on society. One of my friend is so lazy that sometimes he does not drink water after meal. He does not want to walk after meal.
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    There are many people who are lazy and don't do their work. They just sit at home eating without going out to earn. I have very closely seen one such person who always sits at home. He even finds it difficult to get up and fetch a glass of water for himself and expects his mom to do it. He is around 30's now still not earning his living and doesn't even think of finding a job. He only thinks of making money from people some or the other way. I have seen many people advising him but to no use. As jeeta said, nobody is responsible for attitude of such people and we cannot even change it. It should come from within for themselves and they should change it. They are writing their own fate. In future they are the persons who will suffer with such attitude.

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    It may be fate or irony, I have seen many so called 'lazy' people get everything they wanted easily and without working hard for it. At the same time I have seen some 'hard workers' toiling and sweating , but still get no recognition and get even scolding.
    If you are lazy you are prone to commit less mistakes and thus get 'clean chit'. But if you are pro-active person, you work a lot and chances are that you inadvertently commit errors and get scolded or punished for them.

    ( This is just for sake of discussion. Please do not take this as my advice )

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    Lazy people are the worse performing asset of any society. They are not only affecting their health and wealth but also tampering the habits of others too.
    Some time god is so kind to them they get very thing so easily that they start spoking about hard working one.
    This activity some time break their passion for work and they get diverted form their own track.
    These lazy peoples are really very lethargic personality who has no moral values.
    They are just busy in wasting their time and dreaming of very high fie.
    You can see in many cases are protected by their parents by giving this or that kinds of excuses.
    They are so pretending that they took best advantage of their supporter one.
    They create different kinds of situation among active society and people.
    They must be learn some kind of sample by their near dear as other cant interfere in their social life.

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    Laziness is a big SIN. Laziness invites worries, it brings famine, it brings misfortune and it makes a person wayward.

    Some lazy people get good food to eat and nice dress to wear. On the contrary, people who work hard didn't get good food and dress. I always wonder why and how?

    I have some middle class families here. Their kids arouses at 10 or 11 am from bed in the morning. And they spend all day long playing clash of clan game on their phone.

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    One can do nothing to change the attitude of others unless they try to change themselves. A lazy man fails everywhere. Even though he knows he will fail, still he continues to be lazy is not the problem that we can heal. It is only he who can find out the solutions for himself to get everything that he wishes to possess in his life.

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    Some people are really lazy.. they don't do any of their work. But some of them are so clever they don't even do their work till they are in good books of people around them. They should change their attitude. But as author asked how can we change them, I think we can't change them , we can suggest them to do their job in a good way, but it all depends on them only if they want to change or not.

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