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    Interpret the given prose in your own your words.

    Here, in this very thread, I am giving you a prose imbibed with a certain angle of philosophy where the writer wants to express something. Feel with your imaginative mind and try to express the meaning of the following prose in your own words as to what the writer would have meant. So here is the prose:

    "There are some voices you don't get to hear while you are standing upright. You have to lower yourself down, having your ears kissing the ground. Then you would get to hear some veiled interesting voices. The voice that could give you fascination and pleasure if your ears have the capacity. I guess ego and understanding operate the same way."

    Please make sure that your imagination goes with the prose.
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    No matter we are tall we are bound to bow and touch the ground even for walking. We may be big, wealthy and may assert others with power, and when comes to walking, we have to walk like what others does. So where is the question of ego here.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are people who in their ego and pride think their selves on a higher place than other ordinary mortals. They feel that they are financially above others and also having enormous powers to destroy others. These people are living in the cage of their richness and power.

    If these people come to the ground realities and see how the fellow humans are living happily in this world without any show off and complex then only they will appreciate the modest and beautiful life some of the other people having. They will also realize that while they are sleeping in their palaces ordinary people are out there helping the fellow persons and also to poor and needy and deriving much more pleasure and satisfaction than them.

    So in essence there is no use of false ego and pride and one should live in this world on a plain fashion within ones means.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Some person, on achieving heights or reaching higher levels in name, fame , wealth or success become consciously disconnected from the base or moorings from where they have started or originated. They go distant away from the rel well wishers and those who sincerely supported them in their down days. Such disconnect from ground realities will make them blind or deaf to the feedback, friendly reminders for correction and sane advises. Such persons will only like to hear flattering, sycophant words and voices and that only will make them feel elated.
    In short, ego makes us deaf and isolates us from the sane counsel and that will lead us to doom only.

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    I will try to interpret these lines in some philosophical way
    No matter how high we fly we should never forget the point from where we begin our first flight and should respect it.
    In the same way once we get success a zenith where we want to reach we should still respect everyone who was once a part of our life and have any role in our life.
    I read somewhere that our behavior should be such that whether we are with people of high class, standard or with very poor people both should feel comfortable with us.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    We all come to this world and we all will go alone. In between only all these differences. All are human beings and one should help the other.

    You may be earning lakhs and the other person may be earning thousand or even less. But both are humans only. Both will get angry and both will have hunger. But to accept these facts our egos will come in way.

    A real human being will understand the problems of everybody and he will treat everybody same. For him everyone is a human being. No rich and no poor.

    always confident

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    Cheers of happiness and success can deafen your ears. They muffle the whispers of the ones who share this planet with you. With your stern conviction, unwilling to change your mind, you will receive nothing but the echoes of your own voice. You will learn nothing new. You'd lose your interest in evolving your mind and expanding your boundaries.
    Only submission and complete surrender to the universe will make you self-aware. Trying to stand out might give you attention, but bowing down humbly will grant you the respect from the denizens of Earth.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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