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    Do you feel ignored when you are not invited?

    It may be all about expectations! But how do you feel when you are not invited to a gathering in which, you think, you should have been part of? Let us not be diplomatic but come out with words from the heart.

    Sometimes your neighbours or your friends staying nearby have some function in their house and they call some people to attend it but your name is not there which means you are not invited.

    In such situation do you feel that you are ignored or left out or you take it sportingly and do not talk about it with them.
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    Inviting some body for a function is the prerogative of the host. After he invites it is the prerogative of the guest to attend or not. Basing on the importance of the function and budget the performer will decide about the list of invitees. All neighbors especially in cities will not invite us for their function. There is no point in feeling that somebody has not invited you. We may also not invite all neighbors and friends for all functions in our house.

    I don't feel that they have ignored me or left me out. I will take it sportively and will not talk about that to anyone.

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    Yes many a time it happened with me as to why so and so person has not invited me when others have attended the function in the same colony. But on inquiry it was understood that they do came to invite us with family and friends and on finding our house locked they gave the invitation to my neighbor. But unfortunately my neighbor who was not invited for the function was furious about my invite being given to them has failed to deliver it to me... Thus I was feeling offended and later passified that it is not on the fault on the part of host but because of my neighbor crooked mind.
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    It is the best topic discussed about here. I generally feel if i have close connection with some one and he neglected me on some kinds of function hosted by him it will be really very painful for me. Reason behind that will be not the party but the feeling other will say about me. There will be always question in mind now people will ask me ,Why you were not present there. Is everything normal between you both.
    Everyone who knows our really connection will star gossiping.
    How i will pacify them will be the tough task form me.
    I wont be able to answer their question.
    As it will definitely put some question mark on my personality.
    We will try to keep this incidence away but when we will get the chance to share the opinion with same person, we will definitely come with heavily and that day will try to count them all we have done for him in past days.
    Now how we will react at the time of meeting totally depend on our patience level.
    it depend on man to man.

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    There is nothing to feel ignored if you are uninvited for a function. Sometimes a function will be carried out only within a family and within a closed circle considering the budget and type of function. Sometimes a person might forget inviting because of less time or he might forget as he will have lots of work to do. So one must not feel ignored as there might be various reasons for not being invited.

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    This usually happens rarely without any misunderstanding. One doesn't need to felt dishearten at all. Recently, one of my neighbor was coducting a naming ceremony. Usually a big function. Due to heavy work load and quite busy, we were left out but we didn't feel a pinch.
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    Many times it happened to me in the past years. I feltl ignored when I was not invited. Its natural and human behaviour. we expect a lot from other people. Sometime due to misunderstanding it happens.
    Now I do not mind. I do not feel ignored now.

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    Of course we feel ignored, if someone who is close to us and don't even invites us at their functions/ Parties. This is human tendency. We have expectations from people who are close to us but they don't fulfill our expectations we feel hurt. But in some cases we had not been invited just because host is busy or misunderstood. In that case we should not feel bad. I never feel bad at such issues if i have good terms with another person and if got mistaken.

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