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    Would you like to call yourself as "some author" or by your name?

    A name is a true identity for a person. However, in ISC there is a new trend started which is calling a member not by his/her name but as "some author". No offence, I mean to such member who wants to start a news trend but I have a question in my mind as how the members feel when someone call him/her by mentioning "some author".

    Personally, I love to call by my name whether in any discussion or if anyone pointing at me. This is only clearing my confusion that the particular person is talking to me. Also, it creating a good and friendly feeling wherein calling someone as "some author" showing a strange feeling which is not good in ISC where we call ourself a "family".

    So member, how do you feel about it?
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    If some body calls us by our name we feel they are very near to us. In a family all elders call youngsters by name only. Bur youngsters call elders by relation.Calling somebody as some author brings a feeling that we are in a new place. In fact we call unknown people only like that. I always feel happy if somebody addresses me with my name.

    I also like to address other members by name in ISC. as long as they don't have any objection. In a group of friends also we call each other by names only. So I feel it brings lot of intimacy if some body uses our names in stead of author. I think many may be accepting this.

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    Jeets, pardon me if I am wrong but wasn't this question discussed a few days earlier in this thread from your side? There is no harm in discussing a point again and again if there is any additional input and if something positive is expected, but otherwise, 'why', is a question that comes up naturally. I had already clarified my point in the earlier thread and so won't be joining this discussion. I posted this response just to remind you of the previous thread on the topic.
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    What I feel that when everyone is the member of this site and are bound to raise threads or respond to a thread in the capacity of a author, there is nothing wrong to mention as author. By mentioning name some may feel offended and by saying author it can be played safe. Even in ask experts section we can give our response as has a author or guest author. There also the word author has been used and hence by using the word author we need not worry about the gender there. Some names of females look like male and we may fault while responding by name but when we refer as author that worry is avoided.
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    Saji, recently my this thread has got a question and I asked to lock this thread. The editor came up saying that though the subject is old, the discussion is new.

    Here too the discussion is new, I am asking from our members that how they feel wherein in that thread we discussed it to use the name when addressing any member. Yeah, it is different. Let me discuss this issue with member. I am asking if the new trend is ok with the members?

    [Jeets - Note that this response has been edited. You are requested to please avoid making personal remarks. Stick to giving your opinion on the topic under discussion only ~ Forum Editor]

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    I think I have to concur with Mohan's observation. Using general terms like 'some participants is a convenient way to disagree with some views put forward in the discussion. That way it confirms that our disagreement is not with the person, but the views on that particular discussion. The views need not be his own conscience and could have been just academic or contextual. So we may not like to offend anyone and resort to using general terms.
    So personally I do not see anything wrong using collective general terms . However when the question and response is a sort of dialogue or chat between two members, then it is preferable that name can be used to be specific.

    ( I responded on general terms and not aware if this thread author has reference to any specific case).

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    Some author itself dignify the values of some quality .In my opinion there may be person who are very good in writing but feel shy due to their name, which in general they think misrepresented or named by their parents.
    There is nothing bad in saying Some author .
    Author dignify the some quality of any person.
    Some may want their name at the top but their are many too who may be recalled by some special identity like this.
    Their can be some special feeling nomenclature for the person who are good in one or other part but nomenclature should be given them as option. If they want they can adore the same and go ahead with same.

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    I also like to call by my names since it shows more attachment and friendly. Some author does not show friendly and its formal. I always try to call by names instead of some author. ISC is a big family and we all are friends and always ready to help each other, so why don't we call by name instead of some author?
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    Venkiteswaran, When two people having chat or dialogue,they know that the conversation is only between them, so there is no need to name the opposite person. However, it is different when you are in a group and discussing a matters. Also, when you are disagreeing anything, it is obvious that you are disagreeing with person's views and not particular person. I don't think that this is some complex matter which could not be understand by our simple mind.

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    It would be wise to say some author or one author, to be on the safe side. By mentioning the name of the author, we would be inviting trouble to ourselves. ISC might term it as name calling. We can appreciate an author by quoting their names, but not for a general discussion.
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    "To be on safer side"

    Sun, could you please explain what is there to get safe when we are discussing in friendly manner?

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