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    What do we get by our 'goody-goody' attitude?

    We, the Indians, always try to be nice. We try to be accommodating to others. We try to give importance to other's views, ignoring our own. In short, we always try to be 'goody-goody'. This 'goody-goody' attitude has percolated to almost every corner of the country, almost every section of the society.

    But what are we getting from our 'goody-goody', 'be nice' attitude? While Pakistan is going to hang an Indian citizen, some elite people are enjoying the company of Kasoori and Basit, two known India-baiters from Pakistan. They say that the program was fixed more than one month ago. They are so 'goody-goody' that they couldn't refuse the invitation at the last moment.

    How long will we be 'nice' to our enemies? What do we get by our 'goody-goody' attitude? Why should we be nice to those who don't know the meaning of this word?
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    I do appreciate the author that India has been showing restraint and soft corner to Pakistan on its every overtures with wait and see policy and that is costing us much dearer. Either too India was simply giving warnings and keeping quiet. Now the central leadership is no more in patience mode. If Pakistan is going to hang a India citizen by extracting forced statement it clearly shows that enemy country wants to test the patience of India once again. This time our Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj gave strict warning that if Indian citizen was hanged and the Pakistan has to face the tune. But the media abuzz with the so called tea parties some Indians had with the Pakistanis is something adding salt to the wound. There are some black sheep inside the country who eat our food and support Pakistan. As long as these people are there, Pakistan is going to take undue advantages of the situation.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes sir. We are so nice to others as it in our blood, in our culture to be nice with others though it is not within the internal fraternity. When we (Indians) could have a pro-active approach? We always in a habit of digging out the things after postmortem only. The victim was captured by the enemy long ago and after the verdict only we are all crying. Whether we can treat it as a diplomatic failure. As author said goody-goody approach is not worth while every time.

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    Yes Indians are very tolerant. They are very nice to all. It is very difficult for them to say NO.
    You may call it goody-goody nature or kindness or culture. Because of this attitude many of the Indians are suffering. Why about Pakistan Killing an Indian Citizen alone. eating our food , drinking our water and taking all the advantages of education facilities, some students supporting terrorists from enemy country was also we have experienced. They never respect Indian flag. They take all anti Indian stands.
    As long as these internal traitors are tolerated we have to face the music.

    The present Government is trying to do something but I don't know, how far they will be successful. I remember the saying " A Stitch in time Saves Nine" .

    always confident

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    I agree with the point raised in this thread that Indians are too much tolerant recent event a video shown on all news channels about a video how Indian army men are chided, riled and traumatized by the local youths of Kashmir
    and Indian army is tolerating all this just to conduct election smoothly.
    But don't you think tolerance to such a level is not a good thing for the pride of whole nation, because uniform that an Indian army man wears is a symbol of whole nation's pride and respect, and such insult by these unbridled youths is insult to whole nation.
    Tolerance is a quality of stronger because weak people don't have that much capability to tolerate but question is to what extent?
    We need to be goody goody and tolerant, there should be some limitation. For the sake of others we should not compromise with our respect and pride.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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