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    Have you ever experienced this peculiar situation? Please narrate.

    In government offices or banks, if we happen to visit sometime before the arrival of staff and if there is already some people anxiously waiting for the staff, there is all possibility that you may mistake any person coming in as staff and their reaction at that point will be very cute and cordial. After some time when they come to know that the person is also a visitor like them, the reaction will be different.

    Have you ever experienced this situation? As I pen down this thread, just ten minutes before, I had visited BSNL customer care and I happened to face this situation. From the time I put my vehicle on stand, kept the helmet in and took my bag out and reached the visitors, all were looking at me with great expectation as if I was a staff out there..

    Members please share your interesting experiences, if any.
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    My sister was doing Hindi Pandit training in Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh.This incident happened in1981. I was in Andhra University doing my Post Doctoral Research. My sister got some problem in the college. She has requested me to come and talk to their Principal.

    One day I started from Visakhapatnam and went to their college in Anakapalle. Before meeting the head of the Institution, I wanted to talk to talk to my sister. So I started searching her class. As soon as I approached a class, all the students of the class got up and started wishing me Good Morning. I got deloghted a little. I asked my sister why in the other class when I went there everybody got up and wished. She told me that they are expecting a new lecturer to come to their class today and everybody thought I was that lecturer. Even after 36 years i remember the incident.

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    Your thread makes me to recall two incidents happened to me. One was very recently, I was visiting a Hospital and two known people immediately stood up and wished me. Then other patients who were eagerly waiting for the Consulting Doctor thought differently and started doing the same. It was more or less quite embarrassing when all of them got to know that I was also one among them!

    The second one would be quite interesting. I was a probationer and undergoing a training at Bangalore. Our Boss from Delhi was visiting and to be received by the training Center-in-charge and she was eagerly waiting at the entrance gate. We all have sighted a car speedily approaching and everyone got alerted. She almost started running to receive him but her face turned red on seeing her Deputy who was getting down from the car in a very stylish body language!
    So, it sometimes does happen!!


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    Yes the other day when I had been to a Kirana Store for fetching my groceries and it is quite a big store. The owner is known to me and wanted me to sit for a while as he went to attend nature call. Unmindful of this a lady came and started asking rates of so many varieties of items. She is not even listening to my words that I am not the owner and she kept on asking. When I strongly interrupted and said that I am the friend of the shop owner and he shall come in few moments, she started blaming as to why I was not telling her before hand as she wasted her energy. I immediately offered her Tata gluco packet to get back the lost energy and the shop owner also obliged for it.
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    One Similar situation as mentioned by Jagdish patro 1-2 years ago I was having some problem with my vision so I went to opthalmologist and as I reached the hospital I saw so many people sitting outside the room of opthalmologist and she was out for few moments.
    Coincidently I worn a white shirt that day and a very old lady more than my grandmothers age came near me and asked in native language to please check " my eyes first as she as I have came from very far away village and I need to reach before evening".
    But before I could answer opthalologist also entered the room and she told her politely to wait for few minutes .

    Another incident hapened when I was in first year of college, and my seniors(2nd year students) has given us a whole lecture about respecting them and wishing them every time they met and our whole class was fearful about them. And on that same day a new girl entered our class and we all wished her good afternoon thinking she is a senior as she was looking a little elder than us but later we realised she was also our classmate and new admission and becuase she has droped out one year after school she is looking a little elder.

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    Really very nice experiences pouring in and even when I have posted I have not expected these kind of rare experiences.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    What are you up to Venkat?
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