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    Rules about posting responses in resource section

    What are the rules for posting responses in the resource section? Should responses in this section not mention any product by name, even if it can be crucial to the response?
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    As far as I know, there is no such rules about responding to an article. However, if you are providing some important point related to the article, it adds more value into it and get you cc accordingly. Time to time if you reply to your own article with added fresh points related to that, the article get freshen up in Google search.

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    Will you come out clearly with your doubt? Any specific reference of your response may please be mentioned so that the matter can be brought to the notice of the Editors concerned to clarify it.


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    Admin, please correct me if I am wrong on my reply #595558.

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    Jeets, you are right but the member was referring to a name of a product in her response which appears to be deleted or objected to. So, I wanted her to be more specific.

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    Oh, Thank you Jagdish for clearing me out. I took the question other way.

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    It is a straightforward question about applicable rules. However, if you want specifics then here is the reason I raised this point. My response was cancelled because it mentioned a product, but a subsequent response without the two sentences on the product was allowed. So, what is the rule?

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    We are checking it out and come back to you shortly.


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    As far as I know responding in resource section should be in such a way that it adds to the already mentioned content either supporting it or opposing it. There cannot be approval of any brand name or product name being supported as the response to the article.
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    The Webmasters have confirmed that your response to the article was valid. It is alright to mention the product too since it was relevant to the content of the article. Only if we see a mention of a product that is too obviously promotional in nature and thus is spam, then we will not allow it. We have restored your first response and deleted the second one since the second one then becomes a duplicate.

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    This type of logical decision-making will be welcomed by each and every member of ISC.
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    Thank you, that helps clear a nagging doubt.

    I have a suggestion to make that would serve well if implemented.

    Not all editors seem to be aware of rules and posting guidelines. And when they take what seems like arbitrary decisions, such as the one highlighted in my post, it raises all kinds of doubts.

    Can editors be advised to consult senior members in their team, about posting guidelines, before deleting a post? It could prevent unpleasant situations. I do not like my work to be targeted unnecessarily – so a little effort from the editorial team, to make our experience on ISC pleasant will be much appreciated.

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    Your suggestion makes sense and editors had already been advised when this issue came up.

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