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    How much time do you spend with your children and help in their studies?

    In present age every parent wants to provide a good qualitative education for their children. He admits his children in a very good reputed school of the city. He spends a lot of money for the studies of his children. He also provide a good tutor for his children. But in my opinion he does not have time to spend with his children and helps in their studies. It is important for a parent to spend sometime with his children and helps them.
    Please share your opinion here. Do you spend time with your children and help them in studies?
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    Yes, you are right in current working scenario we have very little time to spent with our kid. Though, I get very less time during working days to spent time with my kid, still try to catch up in the night or in morning to have chit-chat. Specially on Sunday, I reserve my time for my kid and take all feedback of her studies. I always prefer to guide her personally so whenever I get time, I use it for her.

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    Though my child is an adult now, I have always been a hands-on parent, always around. I was there when she needed to talk to me or when she needed guidance or when she had a problem. In short, I always had time for her. Even today, she discusses everything under the sun with me, without fear or embarrassment.

    When it came to academics I taught her to be independent and believed that self-study was better than me sitting and drilling the subject matter into her head. I cleared doubts when she had any, gave her ideas on how she could do her projects and/or assignments. But, in the end always allowed her to decide what she wanted to do. I never physically assisted her with her homework or any other school related work.

    When she was in kindergarten and lower classes, and teaching her was my responsibility, I resorted to play-way methods of teaching, instead of sitting down with books and playing the teacher.

    Some parents have no time for their kids while some go to the extent of spoon feeding the child, doing what the child is supposed to do. For children to grow into successful, independent adults, they need their parents around for support and guidance, but they should not be spoonfed. It cripples their mind and ability to think. It prevents them from learning to make proper decisions on their own.

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    It is true parents has to spend time with children. I have two sons. Both of them are working and staying with me. When they were in school and college, I never insisted them to study for more hours and all that. I used to advise them which is good and bad. The choice is given to them. Their education went like that only. If the have any doubts in the subject they used to consult me. Their mother was spending lot of time with them and helping them a lot in their studies. Both of them got admitted to university colleges for their Engineering course. They got good percentage and got campus placements also.

    From their childhood it is practiced that we should eat together on sunday. Once in two weeks we have to go for a movie and once in a month going out for eating. The same we are continuing till now. Now we have become six. Myself, my wife. two sons and two daughters in law.

    I advise every parent to spend quality time with children. They should taught them the ethics of life. Don't pressurise them for better ranks and best marks. Understand their caliber and accordingly advise them.

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    To be frank our children are grown up and they know the responsibility of their studies and how to compete in this field. Yes to certain extent we did help them to cope up with the studies. What we taught is to learn tomorrows lesson today, so that they can answer any question posed by the teacher in the class. And in class room too when the teacher says side stories connected to the present lesson, that are taken as notes and when writing the answer, the side stories with illustrations and maps would matter the most by presentation and they would fetch more marks than other students.
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    I am actually inclined to agree with the author. I have a little sister who rank 2nd in all her semester's includin the Term End Exam. Involment of parents is very important for the growth and development of children. Parents are the first teachers from whom children learn their initial lessons. Since a child's mind is very subtle and brittle, even minute things affect a child's mind positively or negatively. Parents should know how to deal with this situations.

    Parents can sit with their children and help then to complete homeworks and assignments. Parents should indulge in activities that encourage their children to do well in extra-curricular activities. When there is proper relationship between parents and children are less likely to move in wrong direction.

    These days, both the parents work and usually have no time to look into the studies of their children.

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    I very much agree that either of the parent need to be there for the kid to guide, direct and be approachable in need. Being a professional myself, have opted to take up freelancing, only to be with my kid. I teach him to plan his studies, rather than making him study. I am always there to clarify his doubts. He is admitted in a good and reputable school, understands the importance of studies. He does all his works independently.
    The only time I sit with him is during his exams, just to ask questions and give him the confidence that he is very much thorough and well prepared for his studies. I ensure that he plays in the evening to have a healthy body and healthy mind. His father ensures that he is there to play with him, chat with him and to take him out during the weekends, as he gets time only during the weekends. I am there for him to support for any other competitions he has enrolled. These supports and approach of ours had made our son to be the best student in the school and the principal called us during the PTA to tell us that she is blessed to have such a student

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