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    In what terms, we Indians are special?

    We Indians are special in many terms: Our principles, our culture, our history, our great poets and heroes. We Indians are said to be assimilating with everyone. We have the power of 'Unity in Diversity'. Foreigners want to have Indian citizenship as we Indians are loving and caring. Let's light on all these and feel proud to be an Indian.
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    India is a special country. All Indians are special. Many of them are good at heart. many of them are peace loving and tolerant. They have a mentality of adjustment. Many of them are having ethics. They never harm anybody. That is the reason many foreigners want to be friendly with us. They are trying to imbibe our culture and nature. We should always feel proud that we are Indians.

    But now a days lot of changes are taking place. Many of the poor people trying to change their religion for the benefits they are getting by doing so. Many Indians are going to other countries because of problems of survival. Merit students are flying away and settling away for their betterment. This is mainly happening because there is no encouragement to merit in India. Politicians are spoiling the country for their self development. If these problems are sorted out, there is no doubt to say India will become No;1 country in the world.

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    I feel, every country is special on their own. Every one love their motherland. The human emotions are same everywhere. We can not single out India is a special. Yes, in our own thinking, we are special in many more ways which has been already said by author. However, If other country's people say that India is special, it would be totally a different feeling.

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    We the Indians are very special when compared to the citizens of other countries in many ways. We know how to host a guest no matter he is known to us or unknown guest by chance. We are sober even to enemy and that can measure our wave length of patience.. We are most caring lot. We care our elders, we care our live stock, we care our properties and above all we live with peace.. For us violence is no concentration at all. We love competition and for us talent is the God gift. We are above the rest in taking challenges and achieving with great gusto. And above all we live as human beings and let others live together.
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    I am still feeling special and proud of our country in showing the world that 'Ahimsa' or non-violence has more power than violence. I am proud of my country as ever peace loving. I am proud of the special character of our country as the people of this nation feel 'Vasudaiva kudumbam"- the whole world is a family and expect that every one should be happy by its eternal chant of 'Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu"(Let the whole world be happy).

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    Our traditions like "Vasudev Kutumbkbum- whole world is my family" and "athithi devo bhava- guest is equivalent to god" are the thing we got legacy from our ancestors and these are the things which differentiate us from whole world. These are the things that attract foreigners to our country and understand Indian philosophy and culture and once they understand somethings they want to discover more and more they want to get into root of all this.
    They are attracted to things like yoga, ayurveda e.t.c
    They want to know about how a country with so much diversity lived through all these thousands of years and still have kept its "Ganga-Jamuni" way of living as it is.
    Our cultural heritage is so rich that everyone wants some of its ounces to get peace of mind and remove unrest from their life.

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    Indians are special because of 'unity in iversity'. Language, culture, dress. food-habit change in every 20 kilometers in India. India is a wonderland for sociologists because of its mind-boggling diversity. But the concet of Indianness has existed since the time of the Vedas. We must remember that the concept of India was a philosophical concep during the Vedic period, unlike the conceptof modern nation-state propagated by Western countries. Like other countries, India has adopted the concept of nation-state in nineteenth century.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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