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    Does seat belt in bus for passengers avoid injuries during sudden breaks?

    As we travel in bus a lot (while travelling on roads) as the bus driver puts a sudden break to avoid accidents or injuries a seat belt for passengers will be helpful. As we see advertisements of safety precautions while traveling in the car a seat belt will helpful to avoid injuries. Why not a seat belt for passengers is used to avoid injuries in bus particularly sudden breaks in the bus? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Seat belts for bus passengers ? No way. By the way the driver of the bus himself does not wear a seat belt and that is not necessary at all even for the passengers. You know buses are always crowded and every bus has so many bars on top of the seats, fixed in the middle of the bus and also attached to the roof top. So sitting passengers will have the hold of handles fixed above the seats, Standing passengers will either have the support of middle bars or bars attached to roof. As such there is no question of passengers getting fall with sudden break as they manage to help themselves in the crowded bus and providing seat belt is not possible.
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    Seat belts in Buses. I remember in the initial years of introduction of volvo buses they used to provide seat belts to each seat. They were going at a high speed and they were advising to wear seat belts. They were offering free mineral water bottles also. This is what I remember and I may be wrong. But wearing seat belts in the bus is a quite safe practice. This is very important for the night passengers as they may sleeping during the journey.
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    Yesterday while I was traveling in a bus as I sat on bus seat suddenly the bus driver put a sudden break everybody just jump on their seats my knee was thrashed in front of the rod seat and some person's mouth was hit in front of the seat and badly injured as blood over flowed... So seat belt will definitely help the in the bus who are seated to avoid injuries.Some fellow got to hit the on the forehead and got swelling....
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    May be provision of seat belt would be a good idea for the long distance buses where there is advance reservations and the passengers are boarded as per the seat availability. In the local buses, they are usually crowded. May be provision of seat belts to people who have been lucky enough to get a seat be ideal, but what about the people who stand in the crowd. Moreover, there would not be space for people to move about , even when the driver applies a sudden break.

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    Technically as well as safety point of view, seat belts should be provided in the buses. There may be a problem of maintaining these belts because of wear and tear due to large scale handling as passengers will be frequently getting down and new passengers will be taking their seats.

    After providing the seat belts whether people will be using it as a habit or ignoring them - is also a big question. So if people do not use it and consider it as a hassle then there is no point in putting seat belts in buses.

    So theoriticaly speaking it is required and can be done but on practical grounds it does not appear to be attractive. Probably these are the reasons why it has not come in force till now.

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